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I Had a Taste of Road Rage Today

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by enforcer, Feb 15, 2006.

  1. Driving home from on Toorak Rd tonight this stupid person in a silver Peugeot pulls out in front of me causing me to slow down to avoid hitting him from behind.

    I looked behind me and see no cars so I thought this guy must be in a rush somewhere and didn't make anything of it.

    Down the road this person parks I and when I go past I thought that would be the last I see of this person/car ever.

    Oh btw I'm driving my cage.

    Anyway a couple minutes down the road this stupid person is back tailgating me now and has high beems on.

    While turning right to get to Kings Way this person undertakes me causing me to hit the breaks once again to avoid an accident.

    There's only so much that I'll let slide and I'm on the horn for a consistent 30 seconds and when he stops at the lights I pull up next to him and give him the royal finger, and then some.

    This guy has the nerve to give me the royal salute back so down goes my window shouting at him to get out of his car and the usual swearing.

    I notice that the guy doesn't want to look at me anymore so as well as swearing I also start shouting "look at me you f@#$er, what's the matter d!#$head, I said look at me". I found this hilarious after.

    Anyway when the lights go green he speeds off and takes the next left, and I bet that that wasn't even his turn :LOL:

    End rant.

    Edit: Spelling
  2. Yeah, well, ya know, if you insist on using Toorak Rd, you'll be sharing it with a pack of fcuking wankers. Whay are you surprised? :roll:

  3. Nice :)

    Abuse from people not prepared to back it up gives me the sh!ts. Don't flip the bird if you're just going to run away like a wuss afterwards.

  4. So do you have any idea what his actual problem was? Why did he stalk you in the first place?
  5. You are truely the enforcer!!

    Who's pic is that under your name? i've been itching to know
  6. Never seen the person before in my life. Have no idea what the guy's problem was.
  7. The pic is of Admiral Adama of Battlestar Galactica.
  8. Toorak Rd is almost always full of dickheads like that. Usually the more expensive the car the bigger the dickhead and the more they expect everyone else to let them do whatever they like. I once had a dickhead in his Mercedes yell abuse at me when I went straight through a green light along Toorak Rd from one side of Punt Rd to the other. This meant the dickhead had to wait an extra couple of seconds to turn right from Toorak into Punt (he had no arrow, so had to give way to me). He was basically yelling that he in his Mercedes should have right of way over me in my shitty old Renault. So I stopped my shitty old Renault in his path and waited for the lights to change (there was noone else behind me). I waited until the Punt Rd traffic was moving before giving him the finger and driving on, leaving him unable to complete his turn because he was now being cut off by traffic going both ways along Punt Rd. Had he waited and been polite he would have got his turn done with almost no delay. Instead he got screwed. :grin:
  9. You should've followed him, these fcukers are always real tough when they are behind the glass but follow em for a few streets and they're shitting themselves. :LOL:
  10. be carefull , people will get on your case saying that because you abused him he will hate all car drivers and go out of his way to retaliate against everyone.

    heaven forbid you actually stand up for yourself.
  11. Maybe someone driving the same make/model cage as the one Enforcer was abused this guy previously and know he has it in for all people driving that particular car :p
  12. You win some you lose some Grobby. With a forum this large everything you post will have someone who wants to whinge (whether they do or not is another story), be true to your beliefs and let the detractors detract. It's a skill they've perfected through lots and lots of practice, let's not rob them of it ;)

  13. That is just so spot on! Sick to death of being unable to have an opinion because of other's opinions.
  14. Triple these comments.
  15. Yeah, and when you give an opinion different to someone else, they make childish snide and backhanded remarks about your opinion in other topics. I guess some people just never grow-up ... what do you think Glen?

  16. Who's glen? :) :) :) :)
  17. If you dont know who Glen is then be very aware you dont interupt any riders on the road as he is fond of mirrors, he's a bit vain, he thinks this thread is about him.....!
  18. Backhanded / childhish remarks, no just recalling comments that are based around the same topic ..........Road rage and retailiation.

    No problems with other people haveing differance of opinions , we all have them.
    Its not my job to try and change anyones opinions because its near impossable, all you can do is present the facts and hope that they decide for themselves.
    Where i do have an issue is the Safety nuts preaching hypertheticals and image destroying scenarios as there justifacation to preach their agenda's.
    I have said it so many many many times .

    we all know whats wrong and right , but when we choose the direction we are taking then we are accountable for ourselves.
    we are all big boys , we are accountable for our own actions.
  19. .... was going to say something but decided better of it due to hijacking the thread. There's hope for some of us yet Vic!

    Hate road ragers(to get it back on topic).
  20. About the same as the 'eye for an eye' mentality nuts who think it's fair/equal to cause property damage because someone mistakenly/stupidly threatens them, as justification to preach their agenda's.

    How does most road rage and run off road incidents we hear about start? ... Escalation from someone flipping a bird, stomping on brakes with car behind tailgating, or yelling/screaming at the driver that stupidly changed lanes in front of them.

    Unfortunately, I dread the day till we hear about one (harmful road rage) against a bike because the rider felt vindicated to rip off a mirror .. maybe because they read about it online somewhere and thought it was cool or the normally done thing?

    Just within the last few days we've read in here about a car driving up the footpath at traffic lights to try and get to a rider as a result of a road rage incident.