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I had a stack today.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Loz, Feb 6, 2005.

  1. I can't believe my luck.

    I'm coming round the hard left hand turn at the Mt. Defiance lookout on the GOR heading back towards Lorne (a fantastic 600k's of weekend riding behind me). I'm running wideish in my lane and underestimate the curve on the blind corner. Coming the other way is a tour bus, which is taking up every inch of margin for error.

    Somehow I dip in harder to miss the nasty looking square front of the bus, but there's no avoiding it altogether. Panic takes over, the bike comes back up to vertical and I slam into the side of the bus.

    The next bit is a bit hazy, but I hit the road on my right side, bike on top, and go for a bit of a slide with my foot jammed underneath.

    The bus driver was crying when he got out, and his load of japanese tourists took the oportunity to get snapshots while I yanked the bike off myself and started checking my damage.

    Far as I can tell, it's:
    1) Slightly grazed elbow (thanks, dirty big leather jacket)
    2) Shallow cut in front of knee (thanks, motodry cordura/kevlar "gay fisher" pants which are now torn to bits)
    3) Badly sprained ankle and compressed foot (thanks to my rossi boots that it's not an amputation case)

    I'll be crutching around pretty sore and sorry for a couple weeks. The bike will need new cables and levers on the right hand side (plus maybe some other bits, haven't given it a good look) - and it's no longer going to be its sexy shiny self... But my god i feel like the luckiest bastard on the road today to have come out alive and with such minor damage.

    Here's the weirdest thing - I might have gone into that corner quicker if a mate of mine didn't pop into my head a few seconds beforehand. His name was Andrew Jackson and he died on a bike about 15 years ago. I hadn't thought of him for years and years.

    That shit is freaky. Thanks Jacko...
  2. That sounds like a hell of a scare you had today, it's good to hear that you came out of it relatively unscathed.
    Busses and motorhomes really up the danger level on that road, you really have to plan to see one coming around every bend.
    How is the shock setting in? It often takes a day or two before it really takes hold, and combining that with the massive dose of adrenilin that you just recieved, you can really hit rock bottom before you know it. The important thing is to keep your chin up and concentrate how fortunate you have been.
  3. This scenario is oh so real, as i had an accident last Sunday up at Mt.Dandy...thanks to a cage driver doing a U-turn around a blind corner.

    Thankfully my injuries are similar to yours. So i guess we can both consider ourselves fortunate.

    I dont know about you but im anxious to get back on the road...just need to fix the bike.

    Hopefully you'll recover quickly...and for a quicker recovery dont forget to apply vitamin E oil to your cuts and crazes.
  4. Loz it's always good to walk away, hopefully the bike should be out of rehab soon. I thought i was ballsy taking on a Clubsport but a tour bus mate you have my respect :D
    Take it easy and heal up quick

    Marty i'm looking foward to hear your story, but as they say what is it 2nd ride in a row and a bike down on each, hmmmmm
  5. Sorry to hear about your stack mate but glad to hear you are ok. I wish you and your bike a speedy recovery.

    :D :D
  6. Thanks guys, I'm sure I'll be ok when the swelling on my ankle goes down. It looks like a sausage at the moment and is about as useful to walk on.

    There's been a lot of stacking going on lately don't ya reckon? Very sorry to hear about Marty and Future Kisser's accidents, I hope you're both in one piece and good spirits. Marty, you'd at least be pretty well used to typing with one hand like you do in those *other* chat rooms, right? ;)

    Tell you what, it was torture sitting in my brother's car driving back to Anglesea and back into Melbourne. Those fine kilometres are wasted on four wheels and I can't wait to get everything patched back up and on the road again. Just not *that* road til I've done some more training. :)
  7. Sorry to hear about the off Loz, but glad you weren't hurt worse.

    Marty? What happened?
  8. Sorry to hear about your off, Loz. I hope you and your bike are back on the road soon.

    :D :D :D
  9. jeezus christ eh :shock: thats a pretty hardcore stack there, well done on coming out as well as you did...

    right, as of today i'm officially GLAD i dont have my licence this season, seems to be way too much bad luck going on for my liking. i'll just sit here on the sidelines, content that i dont have a reason to go out there and break my bones like you lot :shock:
  10. Almost glad I am flying the desk today - sounds like a bad karma day - just heard on the radio a guy on a bike killed in a head on with a 4wd in New South - don't know the details

    Peepers wide open and back off a few points everyone - get home safe.
  11. Sorry to hear about your stack mate. Hope ya heal up real quick.

    On the positive side you've just provided testimony to biker safety gear. ;)
  12. Loz and Martyh. Sorry to hear about your troubles. Loz you did well to come away so well. Martyh, can't wait to read the details. Hope your not to badly hurt.

    I agree with Loz. There has been a lot of stacking going on lately (myself included). The good thing though is that we have all come out of them fairly ok.

    One piece of advice to everyone who has an off. Get back on the bike as soon as you can. My recent off was so minor but it still shook me up more than I thought. While I got straight back on the bike and rode home it wasn't until 2 days later that I got back on the bike and it felt like I was back at day 1. My confidence was shot. My co-ordination out the window, my cornering slow and hesitant. I started to think I would benefit from attending the learners day. A couple of rides down the track and I am better but still not where I was before the off.
  13. Loz, sorry to hear about your off.

    Sounds like it was done in a spectaculor fashion.

    Take care of yourself and that 'sausage' ankle and you will be back on the GOR before you know it.

  14. Its funny how we can be looked after.... Sorry to here about your "off" but if it wasn't for you listening to you inner voice (via your memory of Jacko) you would be much worse off.
  15. glad you are resonable unscathed .

    kissed on the arse by an angel loz
    better buy a looto ticket .
  16. Loz, it sounds like someone was smiling down on you today. Glad to hear you are reasonably OK :)
  17. From the sound of it you had some one looking after you
    Good to here you did not make a dent on the front of the bus
  18. Loz, so glad to hear your with us buddy, not many people take on a bus and win :? :cry:

    Get better real soon and buy yourself a lotto ticket.. you were real lucky buddy :shock: :)