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I had a stack 3

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Removed_User6, Feb 6, 2005.

  1. Not Me , but R1 Lover ( julz)

    on the healsville - kinglake road , right hand bend
    went a little wide on the corner and the road drops off into the gravel sharply then ends in a ditch.
    Julz was standing beside the bike and it was in the ditch.
    Changing camber corner , not speeding just if you get the wrong line it doesnt allow for any mistakes .
    we were taking it pretty easy because of the roads were covered in stones etc (see deyagos post )

    julz , saved by her jeans (dragon type dont know the brand)
    damge to glove , scratch on jacket, and no major injurys

    CBRRR well it faired ok , scratched Rights side , blinker , mirror and a few scratchs on the exshaust.
    We got it up , waited for a while , and i rode up the road to make sure the road was clear and we julz was going to push start it , and it went over again on the stones .(it wasnt her day today)
    no extra damage to the bike , we picked it up and i roll sarted it and julz rode it in the rest of the way to healsville.

    had lunch then the rest went onto the spur , and foxy , julz and I headed home .

    Julz did a good job , getting back on and riding it to healsville and then home (gutsy lady)
  2. OMG Julz....that's terrible news :? I think we all need to be REALLY careful....there's obviously some sort of hoodoo on motorcyclists at the moment :evil:

    Hope you're OK Julz and it sounds as though the bike faired reasonably well, all things considered.

    PLEASE keep it shiny side up, people.

    :D :D :D
  3. OMG.... Another one :eek: Glad there was no major damage with this one. Makes me not so sad my bikes are both off the road! :?
  4. damn Julz glad your not badly hurt, there is though one thing to remember TAC will cover the therapy of looking up after a spill to see groberts ugly mush :) :)
  5. Holy Magoly Peoples!!!
    Can I just say, I'm sorry to hear about EVERYONES offs today. Glad you are all OK.
    A last minute decision had me heading out to Flinders today with a group from the MRAA and thankfully we had no offs. Coming home and I was thinking it's always a good day when everyone arrives back home safely and then I log onto Netrider and read this??!! :shock:

    Take it easy out there peoples. There will still be lots of debris/gravel/mud etc on the roads from the recent floods and storms and we all need to keep this in mind. Unfortunatley there are times when we can't do anything about it except hope to come out unscathed.
  6. So it’s the TAC’s fault he looks the way he dose…….im never going there then!!

    Good to here that you’re ok and got back onto your bike after your test crash session
  7. So sorry to hear about your off Julz :( Heppy that you weren't majorly hurt.

    Its been such a bad day for offs, glad you had the confidence to keep going! :)
  8. OMG Julie :cry:

    I just rang her.. My heart attack has subsided :)

    My Julie is ok :twisted:

    Lisa :twisted:
  9. damn, that's a real bummer julie. Least you're ok and the bike sounds like it's not too bad. Don't lose your confidence in bikes cause of one spill. Get back on her and get riding ASAP!
  10. dont you two start oer even if you arent hurt , i will make sure i still cut your leathers off , just for the kicks of it :LOL:
  11. thats ok plz do my leathers are unsured :LOL: :LOL:
  12. DITTO!!

    Was going to head out for a bit of a ride tomorrow with the nice weather - going to be even more careful than normal after reading all these posts...

    Take care everyone!
  13. I am sorry to hear about your off Julz. I hope your confidence didn't get too much of a battering and look forward to seeing you out and about real soon. :D
  14. Farcanell.....

    Anyone want to help me start up a Netrider bike repair business????
  15. i will, vic :)
  16. It was your new jacket Julz, everytime I get something new, ie: helmet, leathers, paint job it is a sign I'm going to eat-it.

    Don't feel too bad, bike can be fixed, I guess the good thing to come from every crash (if you live) is that we learn something very important that will help us save ourselves down the track.
  17. Hey Julz, I'm glad that your first off was a relatively easy one, hope there was nothing else wrong with your bike besides the obvious. Glad you didn’t hurt yourself to bad, hope the knee is ok. Take care out there peoples the roads aren’t a very nice place on some of our favourite little stretches.
  18. Julz, tough break on the double topple, but great to hear you got it home.

    Chin up!
  19. Sorry about your off dude. Was down GOR myself last Monday. It's scary when you go around a blind corner, only to see a massive white bus coming your way. I had time to move out of the way, but man, it's scary, cause some of them roads are pretty narrow.

    Your friend was with you. Definitely!!

    Does this mean you aren't playing drums for a while too?? That would suck just as much.

    Speedy recovery.


    ZZR 250 PUP

    (This was meant to be in LOZ's thread.. With all these off posts, forgot which one I was at)