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I had a "SMILTIO" event today.

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by sbk_750, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. Sorry Mate I Left The Indicator On.

    A bloke on a motor-bi-cycle almost got collected by me today, I was turning left into the main traffic from the side street that our office block is in. The bike was heading towards me with his left indicator on and what seemed like a slowing pace. (main road is an $0.80 zone) so as you do I pulled out and accelerated to get up to speed.
    The Rider had left his indicator on! I thought he was going to park his POS hyosung into my rear seat.
    He then proceded to abuse me so I stopped and asked him what the problem was, after he wiped the shit from his pants he proceded to tell me that in his vast experiences of 18 months he was sick to death of cars not seeing him.....](*,)

    I then asked him does he often ride with his indicator on? and WTF was he doing going at $0.60ish in an $0.80 zone anyway.
    He was a typical pig headed fool who could not understand that he was actually wrong, so I told him to do all us real motorcyclists a favour and get off the road before he pushes the statistics even higher.

    This is what I hate.
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  2. What's the big deal if he does 60 in an 80 zone.

    Leaving one's indicator on is bad news, but we all seem to manage it once in a while. Of course you were right to pull out...he needs to be right before he starts yelling at others...
    Clearly he learnt nothing from it, so yeah...a potential statistic.
  3. That's why I'm in the habit of pushing the cancel button every 30 seconds or so when riding in town, or a bit less frequently out on the road :D.
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  4. Are you sure we're not related, maybe twins seperated at birth...
  5. I always push my indicator button twice or 3 times after I take the turn...mainly because the switch sucks balls and sometimes doesn't cancel.

    In the case of the OP...that is why I never come out until either the vehicle on the main road passes me with their indicator on, or turns with the indicator on. Safer for both parties.
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  6. I often randomly push the cancel button throughout a ride.

    I've left my blinker on and got the shits when someone pulled in front of me but then realised it was my mistake, I was big enough to admit it was my fault though (not that it escalated further then a shake of the head from me than a hand up saying sorry).
  7. With you on that one. It gets frustrating when they slow down with their indicator on only to keep on going, but it might save a life, and it's only a few seconds of your time.
  8. Oh thank Fuck! I thought I was the only neurotic one...
    Personally I like to cancel mine every time I change up a gear, just in case...
  9. yopu never pull out despite seeing an indicator until the person actually is engaged in turning.
    You were entirely at fault and would have been found so.
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  10. The combo of a blinker on and going under the speed limit is well alliterated here.
    I woulda though the same. Then being a Hyo I would have thought it would have broken down before it got to me lol sorry.
    I keep my thumb on it when I use it. Just reminds me to push it which resets it before I take my thumb off
  11. I have to agree with smee; years of experience has me waiting till the car/bike/truck has actually STARTED to turn before I make my move; far too many people, even in cars with self-cancelling indicators, leave them on, then abuse you if you make your move based on their signal......

    and don't get me started on self-cancelling indicators on bikes...... :roll:
  12. As others have suggested an indicator can often be judged "valid" by the vehicle's changing speed, which was unfortunately also misread in this case - shit happens...

    Roundabouts on the other hand... <shudders>
  13. LOL
    This is what waiting for someone to turn instead of going because they had their right hand blinker on'
    P plater behind me in a big 4wd. He thought I would have gone. And yup mr right hand blinker went strait ahead.
    Dammed if you do dammed if you don't.
  14. I feel like such a twat when I leave my indicator on. I'd rather develop some of your neuroses than be a twat, or worse yet another statistic.

    So from here on out, random indicator cancelling it is!
  15. Yep, random indicator cancels here too. Thought it was just me :D
  16. That is one thing I get worried about...but at least it wouldn't be my fault if I get arse ****d...the person behind you gets the blame and you get a new rear fender/boot/spoiler. On the bike, I'd be happy to get another bike...assuming I don't get collected while being pushed into incoming traffic.
  17. Agree with Smee and others here - the other guy's clearly an idiot, but never assume someone is turning just because their indicator is on and they're going slow. Assume everyone's an idiot, blind, out to kill you - other motorcyclists included.

    Graham :)
  18. I probably see this happen a few times a week on my commute into the CBD. Mostly motorcyclists, sometimes scooter riders and some tradies. If its a motorcyclist i usually make an effort to overtake them and let them know that they have left it on.

    I'd feel pretty bad if i didn't make the effort to tell them and they were smashed by another vehicle at the next intersection.. and strangely, i once followed a prick scooter rider with his indicator on for about 5 km just to see if he would get cleaned up :p
  19. Sometimes people are indicating to turn just *after* the intersection. At least that is what they tell the cops. I usually wait for them to commit before I turn.. or else I have hammered the accelerator so they wouldnt hit me anyway... I'm miles up the road.

    I'm a PRIC too - Protracted Random Indicator Canceller
  20. FYI the accident boys can tell100% if your indicator was on. Even if it's smashed to bits.
    And nope no idea how.