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i had a profesional clear off my ghosts!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by D Stump, Mar 17, 2007.

  1. as some of you know i had ghosts in my house. the funiture was moving and i had an image of a hanging man in my bedroom, flashing lights from no where and faces looking in thru the windows.

    the removal process was amazing! there were 5. zoe was able to move them on. she said 'sometimes the door doesnt open and they get stuck'. they are in another dimention and still exposed to elements which is why they seek shelter in houses]

    1) mrs smith (use to live here, died in hospital 3 yrs ago)

    2) a solder who use to live here b4 mrs smith who hanged himself in a near by park.

    3) a group o young homeboys [urg]

    i didnt have to be told one was mrs smith. she touched my phantom foot a lot. she put a ring around my big toe that i repeatedly asked to be removed yet she wasnt strong enough and tryed using her teeth. i couldnt stop her touching my phantom foot because i covering it up with my hands didnt do anything.

    i used my phantom foot to try and find her around the house but couldnt. she was only able to contact me. i know she was a woman.

    zoe cleared each room of clouded energy that could be felt, then we sat in the back yard and each ghost stood in a line waiting for the doorway to appear.

    as mrs smith walked thru she waved to me and sent a lightning bolt of gratitude. she said she didn't know she was dead until 'today' and couldnt work out what was wrong.

    thats weird cause i told her tactfully and threatened not to send her on if she fuct with the furnature and she backed right off.

    when the solder walked thru he said that they heard the news of the house being demolished soon and they are happy that that the person in the house [me] arranged form them to be moved on. he said that he tried to hang himself in the front room, shortly after he went to a nearby park and hung himself on a tree. he was in denial until recently.

    the homeboys refused to leave and had to be pushed with strong words from zoe [i watch too much southpark, homeboys were bound to happen]
    one of them said 'but we're not hurting her'. zoe insisted they were and they moved thru.

    this all happend because there was a dimension doorway from the bathroom to the middle hall [thats the only place i saw the solder walking ]. it was made bigger by my negativity.

    people who are closed off to this kind o thing do not experience it.
    people who fear it can be vulernrable to it. people who live in the negative can open doors.

    just picture a door with a huge red cross on it. lock it up, they cant get in.
    imagine a gold bubble around ur house and u'll be fine [dont put urself in 1, there's a way to do it properly with life form] . i did that when waiting for zoe day and it worked.

    dont be afraid of them, moving furnature is all they can do, they cant hurt you, they r just people. if they turn on the telly it's just because they want to watch telly.

    i feel great now! a whole new positive me now living in the positive!

    stump it up! :cool:

    sorry for posting at night. if you get scared ure welcome to call me.
  2. Wow just wow. If you are serious I would like to know more about this!
  3. well a question would av helped.
  4. OMG i love ghosts... i think :?

    I would love to meet / see / feel one :shock:

    So, are they all gone now? :(

    Anyone else with real ghosts?

    So as for your questions;
    - Were you ever affraid, or just freaked out?
    - Would the furniture move in front of you, or just when you woke up it'd be in different spots?
    - Is the only things like moving furniture, or lights and stuff too (ie if they can move furniture, they could move knives :shock: )

    I'll think of more questions :)
  5. ha ha. they're not puppies!

    i think i coped pretty well considering. i was uncomfortable with the sight of the walking man and afraid of the noises but it wasnt until i got felt up and the furniture moved and the flashing lights that i certainly got freaked out. much better now but i am aware that i am going thru a recovery period.

    lots a little things moved, i would turn around and a wash cloth would be somewhere else. my front foyer is narrow with 2 chairs against the wall. i hopped past to water my plant, when i turn around my path is blocked by one of the chairs. happend a couple o times.

    i like your logic but that isnt so. people never get murdered that way. if it's really light, they can pick it up and toss it [very very rare]. anything that is suported by itself that is light can be moved but they are very very weak and would have to use their whole body to move a knife. sliding a knife across a bench top is the best they could do. i got an idea of how weak mrs smith is/was when she tried to get the ring off my toe. her hand is weaker than a quadraplegic trying to open a draw.

    if you're really interested go find a quad and watch him/her try to open a normal draw made of wood. you will get a very clear picture of what ghosts can and cannot do.

    stump it up! :cool:
  6. Very interesting... would be one of those things that you would have to experience to fully understand I guess.
  7. That's really great Stump. :grin: Hopefully now it will be a lot calmer in your house :cool:.

    We have had visitors in each of our houses we have owned. The first one was new and yet we still had friends in it :eek:.

    The second was a deceased estate and it was the guy that built and owned the house. Very friendly sort and my oldest (was 2 at the time we moved there) had some very interesting stuff to tell us about him. He was very protective of us :)

    The one we are in now is an 80 year old house we had relocated to our property. When we viewed the house before purchase no-one would even go in to look at it. Husband and I didn't have a problem with it though, and only a girl and her cat relocated with the house. :)
  8. D Stump why do you think you have been able to experience this? Is it because of the near death experience on your motorbike that has allowed you to sense these things? If I went and stayed in your house would I experience what you have been experiencing with these ghosts?
  9. Sounds like we missed a golden opportunity for a netrider party at your place!!!!
    Place coulda been a goldmine
  10. you guys are great! i was expecting a whole lot of 'u bullcrap stumpy'

    i suffered a lot of trauma and lived in the negative. that makes you open to it. i think about life A LOT and sometimes i go to the harbour and view it on a molecular level [have a lot o time on my hands] so im open to that fact that i/we are ignorant and that does it too. there are doors in our lives our outlook opens them.

    if you're one o those people who doesnt believe in ghosts or the bigger picture and you live in the positive it will never find you.

    zoe lives in the positive but she was trained to 'channel' so she could see it all and talk to them when she got here.

    a positive friend stayed in my room to witness the flashing lights but he couldnt stay awake till 3-4am when it happens. he did witness the banging of the screen door in the foyer and the fact that it kept opening when it was locked.

    no but im a little bit telepathic. ie; i put a 3 pairs of socks in the mail [for 2yr old god son henry] and they arrived the day ness had no clean socks for him at all. same with a pair of sissors, arrived when H was throwing a
    tantrum cause he wanted sissors. heaps o stuff like that.

    yes but you would have had to stay for a while and had late nites.
  11. I don't quite know what to make of this thread......

  12. So they've been helping you win chess....

  13. What medication are you taking at the moment?
  14. same old meds.

    i know what you're impling...what on earth happens to you when you take an asprin? i would love to know.
  15. Sorry stump but it sounds a little...

    Ah well, as long as you're happy! :grin:
  16. My attitude to ghosts is that they should only spook when spooken to.....
  17. Holey sheet that was a bad joke.
  18. :LOL: You've obviously got into the spirit of the thread, Loz!! (or SOME sort of spirit :))
  19. I hit a few spirits last night and they hit my head back this morning.

    Stumpy, I think they are stronger than you though because they picked me up from my bed and launched me throught the carridor to the toilet and I weight more than a knife.

    Will :p :p :p

  20. geeez.. who rattled your chain huh !! ;) :LOL:

    stump. interesting read. its not something thats widely accepted and a brave move to post it on here, but its appreciated :)