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I had a look at a ZZR and a ZXR250 on Saturday. Comments ?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by doonx, May 2, 2005.

  1. Before I start - I'm really not after a debate on what bike is better, I've read it all before on here. I loved and fitted my ZZR very well, I could ride to Dinner Plain in comfort.

    Firstly the ZXR-250 was immaculately finished, (I'm talking near showroom level) and seemed to go very well. But I'm really not sure it's my type of bike. I could see myself on it though ;) The seller is suggesting he's been offered $4800 and will consider anything above that as he wants to sell it very soon. This is more than I wanted to spend.

    The ZZR-250 was a genuine 2001 model, not a grey import. It's red and silver in colour and has done 19,000k's and is asking $4250ono. When I rang the guy last week he told me there is some minor damage on the left side as the bike is his daughter's and she is too short for it and supposedly dropped it while stationary. How anyone could be too short for a ZZR is beyond me.

    When I got there on Saturday and according to Dad, little daughter went into the city without his knowledge and "had this sold to her by one of the sharks in there" (I particularly liked his resentment in this statement) for $5600. Then daughter walks out, with 158 different piercings in her face looking like some drug screwed flunkie who's only mission in life is to see how much she can piss her rich old man off !!! She is 19. There's no way she is too short for the bike and I reckon she's put it down due to utter inexperience and the old man has cracked the shits and is just getting rid of it !

    The damage was quite evident but seemd to be minor. I'm not sure that it was a stationary drop, but it seems to be at very near a stationary one. There are grazes and scratches on the right side fairing and wheel fairing, there was also a small part of the fairing that had broken off very near to the indicator. The father said he'd glued it back on with ARALDITE !!! [​IMG].

    Nonetheless, I took it for a ride. It seemed a little sluggish compared to my 93 ZZR and I was wondering when the previous service had been done. It felt like it just wasn't running quite right, I reckon it produced only about 75-80% of my old one. On the right side of the bike there were almost no gaps were one fairing joined to or butted up against the next one, but on the left side the corresponding gaps were something close to 10-15mm in places. The entire fairing has obviously shifted slightly toward the left when she put it down.

    When coming to a stop there was a large shudder or cavitation in the front wheen under brakes. This occurred when decelarating through something like 30-15kph. When I got back to the house, I noticed a small patch of clean looking oil where the bike was before I had taken it for a ride. I asked when the last service was as it was a bit sluggish and then pointed out all the faults that I could identify. I also told them that I thought they were asking well over the market for it in the condition it was in but of course the market will determine that. I told them I was looking at other bikes and if I wanted to consider it further I'd ring them, then I left without making any indication of an offer.

    SOOOOOOO, I'm thinking that at the right price and with a little TLC this might actually come up really nicely. I'm after soem general thoughts on the following costs given that I'm not going to do any of it myself:

    #1 Removing all fairings to see if mounts are bent and twisted and reapairing
    #2 Plastic weld small broken patch of fairing
    #3 Rub back and Respray damaged fairings
    #4 Full major overhaul and service where required.

    I realise costs for this could be wildly varied, but a semi educated indication will at least give me an idea.

  2. sounds WAY overpriced for the condition. should be able to get something in better nic than that for the price mate. if its just the farings then i spose thats fine, regardless of how the drop was made, you've still got the same damage so his story doesn't matter really.

    but an oil leak is something you dont wanna deal with for that money and loss of power could be a few things, best not to stuff with it i think :? does it come with a RWC? cos if not, then its a DEFINATE no, sounds like a real lemon if it dont have a RWC....
  3. actually I forgot to ask about a RWC. I can ring him back and check. My broad kind of thoughts was to offer something like $2800-$3000 and then hopefully get it in good working order for about $500-$700 on top. But who knows ?
  4. Got to agree with Coconuts, the price is too high for a damaged bike. Leaking oil, bent or broken brackets, poor performance.....doens't really sell itself does it? If and it's a bit of an if, they drop the price far enough it might be worth it but it's the mechanical side that is really important. a RWC should be your minimum requirement but a once over by someone you trust would be much better.
  5. When they wrote off my other one, Mike at Performance Bikes told me he'd do a free inspection on any bike that I wanted to buy if I could get the bike to him, or he would go to the bike and inspect but I'd have to pay for that inspection, which is fair enough.
  6. 1. How many K's on the zxr250? That's a fairly low price for one. These engines like to rev (I was averaging 8-12000 on the Sunday ride, and taking it up to 18000 when I needed to overtake) so chances are it's been thrashed.

    2. Run away. Even if you get it for a good price, this bike sounds like it's a lemon, especially the set up with the dad and his daughter. If you're dead set on it get somebody out to check the plugs and the engine compression. Find out where the oil leak is coming from.

    I've constantly made the mistake of buying vehicles (bikes and cars) for under market value so that I can spend the rest of the money on getting them up to scratch. It never works: the money you save for buying something that needs TLC is always less than the money required to get the vehicle into decent condition.

    That said, want to buy an Across? ;)
  7. mi - isn't your Across akin to something resembling a Meccano set ?

    The ZXR has 21 on it. It's a 1990 with a 2000 compliance. It's advertised in this thread --->Ninja ZXR250 for sale

    As for the ZZR, Tam (my partner) rckons she's prob droped it more than once and reckons I shouldn't start with something dodgy. So you are echoing her thoughts, probably a good idea for me to take note.
  8. the ZXR sound MUCH better value for money there. i know its a bit over budget, but it does sound like its worth a bit more than the ZZR. bit of extra gusto and no work for you to do, cant go far wrong there :D
  9. With my experiance I have to disagree with buying a bike cheaper than market value because it may need some work. The trouble starts when you dont know how much work the bike requires to get it to the standard you require. As long as you know what your in for cost wise you can end up with a bit of a bargin. My advice is have the bike inspected by a mechanic and get a real quote for the repairs needed. Sit down do the sums and take it from there.
  10. depends on how much cheaper it is i spose. i've bought 3 bikes now below market, 2 of them have been RIPPERS for the price (XJR400 - $2000, GSXR1100 - $1000) and the 3rd one (ZXR750 - $2500) comes in tomorrow so i'll find out what its like then :D

    its always a risk, but you can end up with a serious bargain. that said, i dont think this ZZR is gunna be a bargain. theres a ZZR250 for sale on www.ozsportsbikes.com for $3000, thats almost edging into bargain kinda pricing :wink:
  11. I'm with everyone else, you'll find a better ZZR250 than that if that's what you've got your heart set on.
    Definetly a lemon. (the araldite should be a hint)

    The ZX2's aren't a bad bike, faster, more manouverable, and will hold it's value well.
  12. Doonks,

    The ZXR250 is a bloody good bike, I will say that. I imagine it's got quite a different character from the ZZR, though, being an imitation sports bike rather than a sports tourer.

    I've found that I get cramped up on it much quicker than I used to on the Across (which is a sports tourer), and that it takes a bit more "effort" to ride. That said, I did buy it for twisties fangs rather than daily commuting.

    And yes, the Across is a near-wreck, but I'm holding out that somebody will buy it before I give it to the wreckers ;)

    monkey nuts: yeah, fair enough. I agree that if you can get a definite quote from a mechanic it's a good idea, like you did with Pete.
  13. I just had a great idea!

    Monkey Nuts, you were quoted $700 for repairs on your new Across, right?

    Mipearson, you got a broken old Across you're selling for $700, right?


    2 + 2 = ???
  14. Go the ZX Doonks...

    The ZZR sounds shonky...

  15. 1. I had a look at that ZXR (I checked it out for cosi)... All I'm going to say he didn't buy it...

    2. I have bought all my bikes under Valued and have fixed them my self... but there are times when you do get a lemon as well as there are times when you over pay and still get a lemon.. The ZZR might be a good buy at $2800-$3000 but GET IT CHECKED OUT buy some one who knows bikes and especialy some one who does smash repairs... a "little drop" can some times result in bent frames and engine/gear box problems!!