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I had a friggin' awesome long weekend, you?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by cejay, Jun 10, 2008.

  1. All started on Friday night. New chain for the Tuono, so out comes the grinder, chain breaker and brand new RK GXW Gold chain to replace the 30,000km worn and grumpy OEM unit from Aprilia.

    Job mostly done, to bed, after a couple of beers and some good TV and watching the Motogp FP2 on the interweb. Finished the chain change on Saturday morning, then went to race prep the SV for Sunday. Change oil, filter, re-lockwire and test.

    Saturday afternoon, 20kms with Scummy on the MTB in Lysterfield. Fading light, great tracks and some close encounters with Roo's meant a great afternoon riding. Saturday evening get to spend with Lizzy, some fish and chips, a glass of wine and then an early start for the race on Sunday.

    Sunday, all day at PI, finish 2nd and 1st, do a 1:54.22 on the SV and drive home safely. Motogp, spag bol, a couple of Peroni's and Motogp ended a great Sunday. Tired but very happy.

    Monday, ride out with a dozen friends in changeable conditions to Yea for a slap up lunch at the Yea pub. Corned beef and creamy mash! Great ride home, pleased with my progress on BT002's in the rain and the fact that although it rained I stayed dry. A lazy Monday nanna nap, some dog play time and another culinary masterpiece for dinner.

    What a weekend :) Yours?
  2. Had sex, that was oooright.
  3. More tourism wif a visitor from the states - We took the Tiger out for a run around the Illawarra and Kiama region, making sure to visit each of the mountain passes once he'd gotten the hang of pillioninginging. :)

    Was in the studio audience of Good News Week on Saturday night (to be screened this coming Monday) with a bunch of friends too. Woo!
  4. Very wet long weekend here.....

    Didn't stop me from getting out there for some riding though! :grin:
  5. 2 x coffee nights
    worked everyday... woo hoo
  6. Replaced Fork Seals ( FRI Night )
    Worked Sat morn.
    Moved furniture to daughter's flat
    Cleaned Garage ..
    Washed Car ..
    Washed Bike ...
    Had sex ..
    Polished Bike ..
    Had sex ..
    Admired my bike ..
    Had sex again :p
    Walked back to check bike .. was warned if I went anywhere near it tonight, they's be no sex for a week. ( Had to think a while ) :-k
  7. With the bike? :LOL:
  8. Nice one! You were racing right? This isn't a timed result?
  9. Hmmm, let me see.

    Took the wife & kids to see Narnia Prince Caspian on Saturday afternoon.

    Wasn't feeling the best after some dodgy fish & chips sat night. Woke up early on Sunday to get the bike out to head to Philip Island to watch some crazy people go around a track. As I'm getting the bike out, the dog shoots past and off she goes. I spend 20 minutes chasing her, but run out of time as I'm expecting Rod at 7. At 6.50 I wake the wife and ask her to go fetch the dog.

    The ride to PI in the morning was freezing. When we left Melbourne, the morning was very nice indeedy, however, the closer we got to the Island, the fog was getting thicker. And the thicker the fog, the colder it was. For the 20 klms stretch leading up to San Remo, I was the coldest I have ever been and I couldn't stop the visor from fogging, so rode with it up mostly.

    The day at the Island was excellent indeedy. To see the smiles of those coming back in is quite contagious and I was standing there thinking, I should do this. It is at this stage when you know some1 from the shed hasn't come back in and the ambo has been sent out. Oh no, where is Dallas? Oh there he is, in the back of the truck. Lucky he got away with only a busted bike and it had nothing to do with Rod & I discussing during the race of how accidents on the track are less dangerous than accidents on the road. Honestly, we weren't tempting fate.

    The ride home was boring and tiring so it was play games with the cars.

    PS: Still no sign of the dog. Spend another hour looking after I get home.

    Get up early on Monday and spend another 45 minutes looking. No dog to be seen, time for a ride. Ride out with a dozen friends in changeable conditions to Yea for a slap up lunch at the Yea pub. Corned beef and creamy mash! Great ride home. Timing of petrol was almost perfect. Got home using about 2 litres of the reserve.

    Get home and decide I better call the RSPCA. Hmmm, a Shelty has been found and handed in from the next street. Yep that her. I'm back in the good books with the kids.

    So overall a pretty good weekend.
  10. :LOL: :LOL: That's what my missus said ..
    "Why dont ya just have sex with your bike instead " :p
  11. Yeah, that's what I was getting at.
  12. Got sick friday arvo :cry:

    Spent Saturday helping a friend move house, then played roadie to get all the gear set up for the band's evening gig, played gig, did the roadie thing again, ended day still sick, sore throat, and buggered as all hell.

    Sunday - Slept through the morning, rescued snapped bolt from new front sprocket (don't ask), painfully endured family dinner, watched MotoGP, went to bed, still sick.

    Monday - did SFA. Still sick.
  13. Mine? I went to Alice Springs which should have been good. First, taxi to the airport, the drivers gingivitis was overpowering the stentch of taxis, the kid on the plane next to me vomited to sydney (even used my bag!), then some other kid screamed and made noise from Sydney to Alice without her mother doing anything to stop it. It's colder than Canberra when I get there, realised I've left my jacket on the plane (the only one) starts raining the next (only second time this year) and overcast all day at the Rock so no colours from the sun. That and I had to travel with w@nkers I work with and also developed a case of insomnia over the 3 nights in which I got a total of about 4 hrs sleep. In short, it was FARKED.
  14. :LOL: Sounds like it too
    sorry mate :wink:
  15. Organised a surprise weekend away with the mrs. Sat night and sun night at a b&b in the dandenongs.

    Got home from work sat arvo and she had left for the weeked to go stay at some guys house for 2 days and play poker and watch the soccer with this guy and his mates.

    Explained to her my plans. No remorse on her behalf. Girlfriend promptly removed from my life.

    She is still living in my house. But in another room now. She isnt a happy camper at the moment. Tuff shit. Relationships dont work that way.

    So she is sad and upset, im rather content and need another shag. Although, im pissed about losing the deposit on the b&b. lol
  16. bloody 'ell cejay :shock: i'd be happy too mate!!! :twisted:

    being gainfully unemployed at present my weekend started friday arvo on a very positive note:

    * on the way to the midwife i was delayed by a small crash that had happened on Alexander Pde. As i came up to the crash and started trying to edge into the next lane while looking at the people involved in the accident, i suddenly recognised one of the people. true to name it was Stack-Monkey, who had chosen for once to crash the van not the bike :LOL: that made my day!!! i blew a kiss and moved on.

    * midwife instructed us to have plenty of sex to bring on the labour. was pleased to oblige her sporadically over the course of the weekend :bannanabutt:

    *given that i can't ride or dance at the moment, i've taken up singing lessons. i'm terrible, but i love it. went friday arvo and left on a high :music:

    * singing teacher (who may wish to remain anonymous) lent us UnderBelly. We watched back-to-back episodes on Friday night breathless. :sick:

    * got last minute baby-room stuff on saturday. 95% done. phew. felt very satisfied. \:D/

    * saturday night, 30th birthday party for best friend's boyfriend. everyone but me very drunk so i had a good laugh at their expense and gathered plenty of photo evidence. :beer:

    * sunday, ken in bed all day with hangover. i enjoyed every minute of crashing around the house driving nails into walls and generally making as much noise as possible :cool:

    * sunday arvo went for long swim - nothing like being weightless when you're carrying a third more bodyweight than usual :wink:

    * Sunday night finished Underbelly series. way cool.

    * Monday went to 'Game On' exhibition at ACMI. well worth it if you haven't seen it. lunch with love of my life and best friend in town. shopped :grin: . came home slept for an hour (heaven). easy dinner and quiet night.

  17. I had a great weekend!

    to put it in the same format...

    Had sex...
    Got called in from the waiting list for QRide assessment..
    had celebratory sex (oh yeah)...
    went shopping (ok, not so great)...
    had sex...
    went for a drive with the man...
    looked at new holdens (he's in the market)..
    had sex..
    watched american gangster.. great movie
    fell asleep...

    GREAT WEEKEND :) and i'm now a licenced rider! more great weekends to come!!!
  18. 1000+km of fun on Putty Road. :)
  19. yes...
    - Bought my first bike
    - Rode it
    - Loved every second of it
    - Put over 300km on the clock on my first day of riding
    - No incidents, bike and body are in 1 piece

    i'd say i had a pretty awesome weekend too :grin:
  20. Well... Studied for exams Saturday.
    Hit the pub sat night. Even managed to send a few coherent drunk txt's.
    Studied Sunday arvo.
    My b'day on Monday... so I studied some more.