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I had a Epiphany

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Clayt0nB, Jan 27, 2012.

  1. Was on my way home, sitting in the cage and I was thinking about bike colors how someone here said they had a white bike which is clearly more visible then a black one. (Made my decision of weather to get white or black a little easier)

    Anyway, So you know how the ninja 250 is like "That beginner bike"
    And its main color is that bright green....?


    Green = High vis, because its a beginner bike!

    I felt boss when I figured that out.
  2. oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooook
  3. pretty sure kawasaki green has been around longer than "high vis"
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  4. You, indeed had an epiphany. Green is good. You know what they say about motorcycles. If it isn't lime green, it's probably a LEMON! Buy a green Kawasaki and join the good side of the FORCE!
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  5. I like em in white, Quite tempted...

    Or that blue... hmh

    Edit: The white's kinda rare though, I'v been watching bikesales for awhile
  6. I had an Epiphany once, oh no, my mistake, it was a Tiffany :)
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  7. They actually chose it because green was considered 'unlucky' by everyone else when they started racing in the 70s... Basically a big '**** you' to superstition and showed their confidence in the bikes they produced.
  8. I don't know what 'boss' means... but if you meant 'slightly retarded (just like middle management)' then yes. ](*,)

    And before anyone comments... I have a disclaimer. Read it. Cheers. :beer:
  9. Your 100% correct.

    And, I like that fact from toadcat about the superstition. Good move by Kawasaki.
  10. choosing a colour of bike purely on visibility is not what motorcycling is about.
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  11. No one said that..

    I was just stating the obvious, and kinda asking if it was intentional or a coincidence.

    If you couldn't tell, this thread is far from serious.
  12. You are either a troll (who doesn't understand grammar) or you work for the RTA/Vicroads/other agency and are part of some misguided education campaign.

    Of course there is still the slight possibility that you are, in fact, an idiot.

    I seriously hope you are an idiot, because I have no time for time wasters.
  13. You said it right there.
  14. Green would be low viz if you were riding against a backdrop of a green field or leafy green trees.
    Everyone knows red came first and is faster and was obviously designed by a Communist.
  15. -Sigh-

    I was more referring to the fact that I can't decide if I like white or black more. The viz is a bonus. Helps my decision. I still love the look of the black though.
  16. **** your dumb
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  17. you're
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  18. A genius