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I had a dream...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mattb, Jan 12, 2006.

  1. I had an impressive dream last night (and, No, I don't watch much TV/movies!).

    I'd gone to QLD to visit a friend, having ridden up on my bike. I stayed at a beachside motel. In the morning I walked out, to see all these UFOs hovering over the water. Aliens had come to Earth. Everybody was initially happy, but I was concerned that they had not come in peace. Anyway, next thing they took over! They kind of made us slaves, or rather minions, in the sense that we could do our own thing, but were tightly controlled, and they constantly inspected everything we did, and we had to kowtow to every one of them in the street. Much of the dream was me frustratedly trying to pack stuff in my bike's topbox - I was going to try to secretly return to Victoria, which they hadn't yet taken, given that they were only slightly more technologically advanced (they got around in slow moving hovercraft Porches), but mostly walked and had trouble doing so (big fat asthmatic things, they were. You could hear them come from their breathing).

    Anyway I couldn't escape. But somebody took me down to a shed by the water, and inside there was a busy group of people. Their leader was a guy who rode a cruiser motorbike and was kinda cool, 80's style, looking like a cross between Patrick Swayzee and Rambo. The other was a friendly 55 yr old Harley rider kind of guy with a huge gut and white beard. They were building high powered sports bikes, and fitting machine guns to the handlebars. I joined them, and would deceive the aliens who came trying to inspect. We were basically assembling large motorcycle gangs to take back the Earth - we were gonna kick some alien butt!

    So if they come, and the internet's down, let's all assemble 10am the next morning at a Maccas somewhere (suggestions?), and ride out to a big shed somewhere in the country, with some welding gear. Let's take back the Earth!

    Are you in?!

  2. So what were you doing BEFORE you had the dream??
  3. Most probably stage 4 sleeping/non REM stage
  4. I think hornet meant "what were you drinking or smoking before you had this dream?"

    I can believe everything except the bit about riding the enticer to Brisvegas :grin: :grin:
  5. Yeh, I must have been dreaming! :grin:

    I was reading Jane Austen.
  6. :LOL: Touche, mate :LOL:
  7. Definately count me in.

    I've long held the belief that I was put on this Earth to play a major part in an incident such as the one you describe.

    Sounds like a bit of action and adventure to spice up an otherwise dreary life.

    And besides, the hero always gets the girl.
    (If they don't get vapourised, disintegrated or exterminated beforehand.)
  8. :LOL:
    better than my dream last night.... that I wa a character from beatrix potter books.

    Did have this really cool one once where someone claimed my bikes air conditioning had been stolen....
  9. Martin Luther King had a dream & some barstard shot him.
  10. After reading the sex on a motorcycle post, I had a dream that I was doing the Charleston with the lady I met on NYE. 'Twas glorious... :grin:
  11. Yeh, I've had many dreams where the bike's stolen or, more curiously, an ongoing one where they've stolen every part to the point of stripping it down to the frame, which I come outside in the morning to find. I suspect there's not a Netrider who hasn't had such nightmares, who hasn't woken up in a sweat. :grin:

    That sounds like fodder for a good practical joke on someone - get a blonde to ring up and order one.
  12. I love the sig one of the folks use here "follow your dreams, except the ones that have you going to school in your underwear..."
  13. Very good, Matt, that's part of a very cynical 'anti-motivation' series, isn't it?
  14. Yes, and just like those who watch Anthony Robbins, their stuff brings tears to my eyes.