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I guess this dude's name is Raaaaaalph ? Or Chuuuuuck ??

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Nickers330, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. #1 Nickers330, Mar 7, 2011
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    Bloody food ( ;) ) poisoning !
    Feel sorry for this bloke...could he NOT have found a better place/time ?
    Please tell me if you didn't PISS yourselves laughing right at the end !


    His name must be Raaaaaalph.... or Chuuuuuuuck :beer:
  2. So thats who's flying our planes :LOL:
  3. Nah mate..not at all !
    If that were me, you would have seen chunder line the inside windows prior to disembarkation ...what what this dude thinking ????

    The stumbling bit at the end makes it hard to believe it may have been car sickness... :D
  4. didn't piss myself laughing, thankfully, as i'm wearing my fave undies :D

    however, i did laugh as lot!
  5. Oh...my...god...that Asian dude in the video is my cousin HAHAHA. Had to post it on his Facebook hahahaha...

    How random and coincidental this video is...
  6. Meh...didn't find that funny at all.
    He doesn't seem drunk either..poor guy might actually be sick, and feeling awkward for throwing up in the gutter hence in a rush to get out of there and not see bags to trip over...
  7. C'mon Devo.. where's your sense of humour ;)

    Phongus...you serious ? B_S_W !!! (bloody small world)
  8. Oh dear... I'd rather like to run that by someone who speaks fluent German, to get an idea what he said and how he sounded, but it doesn't look good, does it?
  9. Small world alright. Hard to miss when his face pretty much fills up the screen...got to give him a slap for wearing the hat that way. He is in Australia at the moment touring QLD...so if you see him, slap him for me.

    I can make out some words from the pilot. First he says they need to hurry and says thank you. Then says "Wir soltten jetzt fliegen" means "we have to fly now"...then mumble..."nein es gibt es doch nicht" (I think that's what he said), means "no it doesn't exist" or "no it doesn't work that way" <---- or something along those lines depending on what context. Then he trips over the luggage trolley. But my German isn't that great anymore so don't quote me.

    However I will find out what the G.O is with this video once I see my cousin in a week.
  10. Drunnnkkkkkk, enjoy the hektic plane ride guys :). you flyboys are all party animals, working with hot chicks all day.
  11. Well spoke to my cousin and it is fake. It was a short clip made to see how fast a video can spread on the internet...even better if it went viral.
  12. haha your cousin is funny :p bloody viral videos
  13. I should mention it isn't actually his video...he was actually paid to be in the video...180 euro for a short video like that, I wouldn't say no.