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I got the pic of the day on Bikepics :-)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by endurotour, Mar 10, 2009.

  1. woohoo...
    my new bike got pic of the day :)

    woo hoo for dock land back drops.. and the second German goddess in my life :)

  2. That is a good looking shot there Al, well done. Looks great. Love the grey urban tones
  3. nice work mate...

    is that a fridge hangin on the side there?

    no lane splitting for you mister lol

    then again i could just nick ya beers while you're at the lights haha
  4. Nice pic....but you should be careful parking your bike under bridges in Melb. You're likely to have a "jumper" land on it. I'm not sure if damage caused by suicide jumpers is covered by your insurance policy.. :grin: :grin: :grin:
  5. Toorak Tractors.

    Nice pic of an offroad bike stuck in the middle of a concrete jungle.
    Really need that long throw suspension, sump guard, and bark busters!
  6. Noice bro.
  7. Liking the colours!
  8. +1, nice "urban" shot. Could be in a catalogue.
  9. Has it got SHAFT power :LOL:
  10. Verry cool pic,
    Are they the BM crash bars, dosn';t look like theyd do a whole lot for the faux tank :?
  11. Is that the BMW in the current superbike mag with the fork ends that sheer off?

    Nice pic btw.
  12. I dont think the forks are that bad, they arn't brilliant and could be better. I think you have the bike confused with something else.
    The forks are made by Marzochi and have been used on other bikes for a few years with no sheering ends.
  13. Its about 50 meters of dirt to get to the base of the bridge, but no its a raod trail in the metro area, about 12 km's on the clock when i took the photo..
    The bike is with all OEM parts, the side bars work a treat, saved another
    NR rider from maybe looseing a leg in Tassie a week or so back.. also with the aftermarket bars most i have had a look at mount onto the frame, so in a big off the damage could be more than busted plastic etc..
    the engine bars / hand gurad bars and panniers work I hope (untested) as three points of contact for 'offs'..
    The panniers are rather wide, how ever they are high and not too long, so when riding in the sand / dirt etc i have found my leg / boot does not get caught as much as in the past with the larger / longer narrow panniers, also being tourtech/BMW they are quite nice!!
    so far 2,500kms ish on the clock, a few nice days in the high country playing on the dirt / rocks etc, the black ice warning device works ( temp flash's when below 3deg.. ) road/trail tire's work well in all but the mud and deep sand / very rocky stuff etc..
    a few small river corssing's went ok, and had it in the air a few times, all good...
  14. Excellent shot of a great bike
    Well done :grin:
  15. You should not fear that too much, as the former Premier of the state will ensure that does not occur :p

    Nice picture, though!
  16. F#@k the jumpers. I'd be more concerned about the bridge collapsing.

    Great shot tho. Background really highlights the bike :cool: . Congrats too on your "newbie" :wink: .
  17. double post :mad:
  19. Bike looks fantastic :grin: bet you are absolutely loving it!

    Isn't yours the F800GS?? did bike pics get the title wrong?? (F650GS)

    Yeah gotta love those crash bars :p
  20. thanks all, for the viewing / comments, its huge fun to ride..
    The price of the BMW gear in some cases is more than the aftermarket stuff, how ever i hjave a better range of support / back up etc if it all goes wrong, I call Bm and say 'opps' and give them the latitude / longitude and they come and get it / me.. teasted this out last friday night... all good

    The bike is the F800GS, how ever the bike pics site has got it and many other models in the back list to be checked and then created, so some others having been using the 650 section, thus i am in there..
    yup love th eside bars, they are just wide enough to rest my feet on them on the longer ish rides...