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I got the bug!!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Bennybear, May 28, 2008.

  1. Hey guys,

    Just dropping a quick hello from sleepy Adelaide!

    I don't even have my 'L' plates yet but I figured jumping on here would be a good start to motoring around on two wheels!

    I suppose you could say I am into fast things; owning plenty of quick Jap import cars & loving tinkering under the bonnet!

    A friend took me for a strap through the hills on the back of his Suzuki and I couldn't speak for about 20 minutes, the blistering acceleration and overall experience has me hooked and determined to be 'that guy'!!

    Moving to Syd. in July with work so hopefully the process will speed up a bit but until then I am happy reading through the informative posts and funny war stories on here.

  2. Kewl bananas welcome, Bennybear. I love your nick by the way! Let us know when you’re officially in Sydney and be sure to meet up for some rides. :cool:
  3. Thanks mate, will do.

    Finding accommodation in Syd. is proving entertaining (for use of a better word) at the moment so once we are settled in I will be sure to come along to some events.
  4. Bennybear said:
    Guess that explains why you are leaving Adelaide :LOL:


    As for the Pig meeting the Bear, it's starting to sound like the Muppett Show.
  5. I can dig muppets.

    And yes, Adelaide in general is life in the slow lane; Time to speed up.

    Having a look at the GS500F today, I think I actually prefer the look of the naked bike!! The guys in peter stevens also suggested the new f/injected Honda 400.

    Black/grey is a cool color scheme, found a good Shoei helmet for $500 and a decent pair of gloves. Now to get some Draggins and a Jacket!