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I got taken out by a Semi.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Paulie, Apr 21, 2007.

  1. Hey all, just thought I'd tell my story from the other night, maybe someone saw the aftermath.

    About 8pm on thursday i was heading northbound on Pennant Hills Road just after Patricks pub thingy, I was travelling in the lane closest to the oncoming traffic, as I was passing an 18 wheeler the pr_ck indicated and swerved into my lane at the same time on a right hand bend. Within seconds I had nowhere to go because i was halfway through overtaking and was level with the midsection of his trailer. The truck took my whole lane and the next thing I knew was I was spinning on my back on the other side of the road.

    I quickly stood up and the car following me had stopped and the guy was yelling to me to get off the road, all I could think of was 'where is my bike'. I couldnt see the truck or my bike because apparently the bike got wedged under the rear axle of the trailer and the truck had pulled up a few hundred metres up the road.

    Several people stopped and were very helpful and kind, they called an ambulance and waited till they arrived. I got taken to hospital and it turns out that I have a cracked rib, cracked shoulder blade, fractured shoulder (up the top), torn ligament in shoulder area, I have a grazed knee and I have internal bruising near my kidneys which hurts like a b_tch and has swelled up huge. It hurts to move everything pretty much.

    I was wearing all gear, helmet is badly grazed from the concrete as I slid across the road, my leather/kevlar jacked is badly grazed, the kevlar absorbed a lot of the impact and the back is also all grazed from the sliding, my boots are ok and I was just wearing normal jeans which stood up ok aswell-just a very small whole at the right knee. I keep looking at my jacket and thinking how much more badly injured I would have been if I had been squidding... Please people wear you gear it will save ALOT of hurt!

    I went and saw my bike, it is literally FLAT. Apparently the truck dude kept reversing over it to try and get it out from under his truck... its totally rooted!

    Now.... I only have 3rd party insurance and when I went to give my statement to the Police they suggested that because our stories are conflicting they may not find anyone at fault. If that happens it means my insurance won't get paid right? I just don' understand. I mean, I was travelling in along in my lane and the truck merged straight into me... I would have assumed that as a tort of law he would be instantly found to be at fault? I also have the guys number whom was driving behind me and said he saw it all and agreed that I had nowhere to go when he came into my lane

    Anyways, thankyou to all who stopped to make sure I was ok


  2. Ouch! Sorry to hear about your accident mate, and I'm glad you are around to tell the tale - and were not repeatedly reversed over to remove YOU from the rear axle!!!

    Hope your recovery is swift and that he ends up being found liable and buys you a new bike :)
  3. Holy shitballs :shock: :shock:

    Dude, you are lucky to be in one piece!

    That's the hard part with trucks, they can barely see the road behind them (Only got their mirrors) - but they should drive more safely.....

    Not a big fan on him "backing over" the bike to try and get it out :shock:

    Hope all goes well.
  4. WOW - glad you are relatively OK and can post up your story. Car coming the other way and you'd be lucky to be breathing

    The truck driver has probably said that he checked his mirrors and nobody was there, and you must have been speeding to be in there when he changed into an empty lane.

    Didn't the police interview the guy who was behind you? Thought they always look for witnesses at the scene. This guy is your best friend and you need him to help you get the truckie charged with neg driving so you can claim on his insurance.

    And whilst a good advertisement for the right gear, don't forget full comp insurance would see you back on a bike in no time.

    All the best with it all and let us know how it all works out.
  5. Ho-ly shit!

    I sincerely hope everything goes well and you're upright and two-wheeled in no time :)
  6. PHWOARRR!!!
    Can't even recognise the bike.
    Glad you're relatively ok.

    With that witness seeing what happened it shouldn't be a problem with finding the f/trucker at fault. Esp. if cops got a statement from them saying that the f/trucker was at fault.
    It'll take more time cos you have to do all the work not having full comp.
  7. Good to see your still around to tell us about it. Get well!
  8. Contact the company who runs the semis with a letter of demand. They will generally pay.

    Also get out there and take digital photos of the crash site showing where he hit your bike and where it got dragged down the road. If it is like you say you will have drag marks moving into the lane you were in still there on the road.

    Congrats on surviving a tangle with a semi while on the motorbike.

    The story has to be worth more than the bike was :D
  9. damn!

    i hope it all works out and the witness comes through.

    there was a bike vs truck incident in east hills recently. sadly the rider died.
  10. mate... at least you are alright. its a biatch for sure. maybe see if you can get statements from others who saw it. the truck swerved fast you say. maybe avoiding the car in front. if you are lucky and you get others to support this you may have a chance. i think the way the law is it is better for a driver to take out the car beside rather than rear the one in front. thelater being an automatic offence.

    tis a bummer about the third party thing. a risk for sure! anyway hope it works out for you and you are back riding soon.
  11. Commiserations on your bike dude, you are truly lucky to be alive, if you get back into riding I hope you have learnt to never travel with traffic, let alone trucks, be in front or behind or passing them at a great rate of knots, but never travel together.
  12. These truck drivers take copious amounts of drugs to keep them awake, a lot of them are very wired and not with it.

    If you a have witness that is willing to back up your side of the story then you could probably take it to court. I'd be interested to know the truckers side of the story?
  13. Holy shitballs is bloody right!!!!! :shock:

    Thank f'ck you're here to tell the tale!

    If the trucky doesn't get his insurance involved, send him a legal letter and threaten to sue his arse. There's a sticky with good legal letters on this matter.

    The witness is also your best friend. With an independent witness account that says the truck merged dangerously, the police have their hands tied, especially if you wish to lay charges... are you absolutely sure you didn't anything wrong??

    By the way, what's the trucky saying that your stories conflict???

    The thing for you though, is the golden roadcrft rule: space. Avoid being beside another moving vehicle if possible... if you have to be there, make sure they know.

    That's truly an amazing tale. The pic of the bike is almost enough to bring a tear to an old crusty bikey's eye.
  14. I thought the cops had an obligation to attend if someone is injured or the vehicle has to be towed from the scene. Surely there are indicators (marks on road / trailer together with witness statements) that will clear you if things happened as you have explained. Pretty sure the truckie is out to avoid the neg drive charge and the points that accompany. I've had two encounters with truckies and they were both well rehearsed with bullshit. One came straight onto a roundabout in front of me (broken ribs, knee damage) the other ran into the back of my car, nice guy at the scene then did the deadbeat routine making a few payments then moving house.......end of payments. I wish you luck, the laws can be pathetic for people in this situation without comprehensive insurance, try not paying a parking fine and they will be all over you.
  15. That terrible. And it really sucks that u now have a smashed bike, and a really banged up body.

    If u were any logical person, wouldnt u think that if the truck ran over your bike then it would be the trucks fault?? i dont get that. U wouldnt have got hit unless the truck merged very quickly. If u saw the track(hard to miss) merging slowly, i am sure ur natural instinct would be to get out of the way by braking or speeding up and getting past.

    Chase it up with the truck company, and get witnesses. Good lucky with everything. Hope u heal quick and well.
  16. How much do you want for the right hand side tail light globe?
  17. shocking crash mate, i really hope all goes well, both injuries and legal sh*t. it is hard to prove right and wrong with conflicting stories, but being a motorcyclist is usually a disadvantage in any grey area legal issue

  18. and all Arabs are terriorists

    That is one big over generalization.
  19. Survey in W.A. a few years ago found that 25% of truckers admitted to stimulant use on long hauls. That was a while back and the industry may have tightened up since then.
  20. 25% is a lot but it dosn't mean all truck drivers do it