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I got SMIDSY'D today

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by davidp1984, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. Why is it funny? Read on and find out.

    Leave work, get to a T-intersection roundabout wanting to turn right. Now most people coming from my road typically turn left, so people coming from the left will 9/10 have right of way which results with locals not slowing down for this roundabout. I'm used to it, no biggy, happens everyday. Pic below to get up to speed.


    Blue is me wanting to turn right, green is 80% (statistic pulled from my arse) of what the traffic would normally do from that road and red is basically 100% (again, straight from my arse) of what traffic from the left will do.

    Those who know the area that is the roundabout on Galston Rd and Mid Dural Rd.

    Anyway, today was no different:

    - leave work
    - arrive at said roundabout
    - no traffic to my right
    - enter roundabout
    - look left while halfway through the roundabout (no exaggeration)
    - see small hatchback flying down Galston rd with driver staring right at me
    - come to an almost complete stop while driver goes through roundabout totally oblivious to what she has done
    - ride up drivers arse all the way down Galston Rd to get on their nerve (yes, I do this, this is my karma, they make me nervous in an intersection while I make them nervous the whole road, no, it is not big of me, get over it)

    I bet your asking why it's funny right?

    Well towards the end of Galston Rd I get over riding up her arse and decide to read the numerous stickers on her rear window and I spot a...

    ... SMIDSY (enough is enough) sticker.

    I couldn't stop laughing the whole way home.
  2. Good story. Do you think, given you stated you thought she was staring right at you, that she has actually realised yet what she had done?

    Given it reads you didn't confront or speak to her, I hope she appreciates the mistake she made. Good to hear you were paying attention or you might not be able to laugh about it now.
  3. I guess my question is why did you look left halfway through the round a bout..correct me if Im wrong but this is how Im reading it?
  4. I do hope the driver is on NR/Related to someone on NR.

    Considering the SMIDSY sticker im guessing that might well be the case.
  5. I do this because people on a very very very regular basis look but either don't see or think that they are quicker so even though I have right of way I rather look left and stop/slow down then get taken out.

    So yes you did read correctly.
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  6. I was thinking the exact same thing.
  7. I think she was totally oblivious. The other option is she thought she was quick enough to beat me.
  8. Sorry, long day, thought you meant you didnt even look to the left at all until half way through
  9. Can always be a problem with people sporting stickers and t-shirts etc as part of a cause but not actually 'getting it'

    Like all those folk being hip getting around in Che Guevara t-shirts. Check out the look on their faces when you ask them. 'oh so you support the killing of homosexuals do you ?'
    (you might need to explain to them that this was part of good old Che's agenda and practices)

    Anyway I digress !
    Good to hear you are still up right and thanks for the laugh
  10. cars can brake a lot quicker than motorcycles.
    you will learn this the hard way.
    you ride a motorcycle like a cager drives a car.
    you are a fool.
  11. Mate you can be right on top of them and they will have no fuc*ing clue that you were there.

    (on a serious note, I rarely do anything on the road if I don't have an escape plan/route. And calling me a fool is just childish)

  12. Well maybe in this case the SMIDSY sticker stood for 'Some Moron Inside Driving Stupidly, Yo!'
  13. Where do you get these stickers? I want one...
  14. You were looked at but not seen. That could be due to cognitive factors or camoflage ones.

    Out of curiousity are you and your bike conspicuously coloured? Does the roundabout still look like this: http://g.co/maps/hj9tu ?
  15. No. Yes. I come from Mid Dural Rd and turn right onto Galston Rd.

    I put it down as to people think they are faster so instead of hitting the anchors they floor it to beat you or they have glance and not see so they just go for it.
  16. [MENTION=14652]robsalvv[/MENTION]

    Sorry to bring up an old thread but this is a video of the roundabout in question with a beautiful example of a SMIDSY.

    Sorry for the quality of the clip, it was with an old camera years ago.