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I got scammed

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by wentworthmeister, Jan 10, 2008.

  1. :cry: :mad: :cry: :mad: :cry: :mad: :cry:

    Now that i've got that out of the way, here's what happened.

    I have just discovered that i am a victim of online fraud.
    I saw a motorbike advertised on bikesales.com.au, and got in contact with the seller via email, no phone numbers given (mistake number one).
    It was a 1990 CBR250RR with the tyga race fairings and carbon exhaust. What hooked me was the asking price of $3000, with RWC and rego!

    Here is a couple of pics so you can all drool at what i thought was gonna be my first bike:


    Hot isn't it.

    The seller gave the name Sandra Adler.

    Sandra said that she had moved to the UK from Melbourne about 3 weeks ago, and had to garage the motorbike before she left.
    She said that she worked for an airline, so she could travel back to Australia to sell the bike relatively easily.
    We arranged to meet on Wed 10th January. She wanted a $1500AUD deposit before taking a flight to ensure that i was a serious buyer, and that we would use an Escrow service (overseas deposit, common??).

    I received an email from the Escrow service, requesting payment via Western Union money transfer. I sent the money without thinking twice, as i assumed that the transaction could not be completed without my confirmation (that's how escrow works).

    Today i recieved an email from bikesales.com.au saying the ad was suspicious and had been removed, and told me not to contact the seller (DOH!! :shock:).
    But they were too late, and i was too stupid. :(

    I contacted Western Union and the tranfer has been completed, so there's no way they can get my money back.
    The escrow email was obviously fake, as it requested that i provided the MTCN number after i transfered the money. As i had never used western union before i was not aware of the risks involved, and essentially i sent the money and gave them the number to complete the transaction.

    I have contacted the Victoria police and they said to call Western Union (but it's too late from their end) and after that London Police.

    I feel like a complete idiot as there were so many warning signs that should have rung alarm bells. It's gonna take me another few months before i am able to save enough money again.

    I guess a 19 year old guy was too excited about getting his first bike.
  2. Thats REALLY rough, now you're 1500 out of pocket :(

    Valuable life lesson though, people are $hitheads and you can't trust anyone.. and that its bad to be gullible! :wink:
  3. I feel for you man. :(
    These people are scum.
  4. A bloke i worked with, purchased a car over the net, and gave the money straight to a person like this, without even seeing the car. The whole lot. He lost 6 grand.

    I mention this, because i always wondered what sort of person bought a vehicle without seeing it/inspecting it. And the bloke i worked with, was without fail, the dumbest son of a biatch to ever walk the face of the earth.

    Next time, revs check, mech check, and even speak to the RTA before buying. And make sure you see it. Hold it, and ride away on it, within five minutes of handing the money to the person.

    Alternatively, use a reputable dealer, to save you the hassle. Try frasers.

    On the plus side mate, there is a bloke in the forums, selling a 1988 cbr250r, for 2800. Maybe try it?
  5. That is just nasty! :evil:

    I also got my bike from bikesales.com.au but thankfully the guy lived about 20 mins drive from me. And he actually brought the bike to me the day we concluded the deal.

    Of course no consilation for you... :(

    Sorry dude, that really sucks...

    May the fleas of a thousand Afghan camels infect the bastards arse, and may his arms be too short to scratch! :evil:
  6. A friend of a friend (I've met him several times at BBQs etc.) handed over 4.5K to a guy in spain for a fancy digital camcorder thing. It was an eBay scam. He put a bid in for an item and was out-bid, a guy then contacted him via email (don't know how he got his address) masquerading as the seller, saying that the top bidder had backed out...
  7. so sorry for you man :( :(
    I think we need to put big signs up this page to warn everybody...
    i hope that the feds can speak to interpol and Western Union and if the follow the money.....
    So sorry dude..
  8. Dude I am SO sorry to hear that. :cry:

    Unfortunately its happening way too often these days. I myself was scammed on ebay not that long ago. I can also understand how excited you must have been and what a s**thouse feeling it is when you realise what has truly happened.

    I've been doing a bit of research and now have a list of things to NOT do in an online purchase:

    * Never use Western Union Money transfer services. As you now know, once it's gone it's gone and there is no way to get it back

    * Never deposit money into someones bank account

    * If the price looks too good and you can't view the product, don't buy it.

    * If a vehicle is 'overseas' don't touch it ESPECIALLY if they offer to pay shipping

    * Never pay a deposit on something you can't touch with your own two hands

    * Only use trusted ESCROW services. Quite often, scammers use fake escrows to get your hard earned. They build a dodgy website and steer you towards that by saying 'I already have an account with them etc'

    These are just some of the things I highly recommend you follow when buying ANYTHING online.

    Also, I recommend joining 419eater.com and get some revenge on these pricks

  9. Thanks all for the kind replies.

    I feel like crap but i'm sure i'll get over it. maybe
    One day i'll have a bike... :)
  10. Man I feel for you. I think we have all been 19 and seriously excited about something.

    Seriously but is a 1990 CBRRRRR250 really worth 3K? WTF? Seriously? Must be the learner market eh.

    Oh well you are out of pocket and pissed off bigtime. Look at it this way. Least it wasn't the whole 3K!

    Gone are the days of buying stuff from the pub carpark lol.
  11. I know who this person is just send me $500 and i will tell you where she is. :grin:

    but seriously sorry to hear dude, you live you learn
  12. Bad luck dude, but if things seem too good to be true...

    As soon as I hear anything regarding "Western Money Union" or "Nigeria", "Prince", "Fortunes", "Overseas" I send them a quick picture of goatse.
  13. i hadn't thought of that. thats pretty good.

    sorry top hear about your trouble mate. in the words of boris, thats just bad ju ju.

    another thing that hasnt been mentioned on here, get a paypal account. they have insurance on purchases etc..

    now.. western union. in pretty sure that western unions take copies of licences on pick up of funds. the fake seller would have had to supply you an address as to where the money would be going, and an address for her. even if she was using a fake address ona fake licence, the pic would have had to be accurate. you might be able to chase up a photo, anda fake address to provide to police when you contact london police if you choose to do so.

    i bet this is a lesson learned though, and read dougz' post till you memorize it, it'll help you keep you money a bit longer. i do feel for ya, esp as it was anice looking bike to :)
  14. I don’t know if this will give you any comfort, but last time I was selling a bike in ebay, I got an email that warned me that something dodgy is happening, as there was a site that was selling the same bike as mine using my pics and the buyer was wondering which one was legit. I clicked on the link in that email, it took me to ebay , where I tried to log in, I put the wrong combination of username/password, I am about to try for the second time…. And I stopped right there: the link was not for the real ebay but a fake one, which was collecting usernames and passwords.. So lucky that I mistyped my username!! I changed all pass anyway and contacted ebay. It is so easy to do the stupid thing ..
    So I’m sorry for you, but don’t look down on yourself, you are not the first or the last…
  15. well we just blew pic up it looks like the plate is a victorian FO-652 and a series 1 BA ford wagon in the background. go to vicroads. pm me and let me know how you go.have you still got the original email from the person
  16. I feel for you because being young and excited about a new toy could easily blind you, but seriously, why would you part with a single cent to someone you or anyone you know has never met and doesn't know?

    What if it was a genuine sale, and the pics were old, yet the bike was damaged in relaity and you have paid for it, or part of it sight unseen.

    Western Union I believe will have taken some ID from the person collecting the money, so i suggest you ask for that information (although it too may be fake, they would be silly to scam with legit ID)

    You must follow it up as much as far as you can, afterall this is how these people make a fortune. Esp in Africa, where an 4AUD goes a very long way.

    Contact the current affairs programs, they may be interested in assisting to bust this goose, see if any other bikes might be listed by this person.

    Get Bikesales to give you the IP address of the advertiser, that will at least tell you what country they are accessing the site from, and it may be from their loungeroom, not an internet cafe, and also from any emails you have it will tell you the ISP used to send it etc

    Good luck.
  17. Thats rough, but seriously,

    handing over 1500 bucks, site unseen, thats a little naive,

    My moto of late is beleive in Karma, if something bad happens, something good should happen,

    or you could be severly screwed over in every transaction you make.

    Then in which case its "Trust no one - deny everything" ahh scully and moulder where are you on free to air dang it.
  18. theres a few bikes on bikesealses atm that are scams, one of them is a red daytona 600 in syd for like $5500 or something. i think another one is a orange gsf250 in brisbane.

    any seller claiming he doesnt have the time to meet up for the trade, suspect them immediately, expecially if they use some dodgey form of payment, and claim they will deliver the bike to you..


    anyone can post some pics and set up an ad without actually owning the bike.

    anyway, why would you give a 50% deposit on a bike you havent test ridden, just cos it looks good in the pics, doesnt mean its a good bike.. that goes for ligament sales as well.
  19. Yeah I guess you could hope they were stupid enough to include a photo which had a rego number which could lead to them!

    My guess is the photo was taken of some bike they or a friend randomly passed or came across somewhere else on the internet!

    For what it's worth keep trying to recover your money unless it's gonna cost you more of it?

    Out of curiosity did you discuss this transaction with your folks first?
  20. gee guys, really?
    I'm sure the OP kinda gets it now.... :roll: