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I got rust in my petrol tank! HELP!!!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Paulie, Apr 30, 2005.

  1. Hey all,

    Picked up my first bike lastnite and have now found rust in the bottom left hand side of the tank, the petrol is not dripping as such but the little patch (has no paint on it atm) is wet/damp and smells of petrol.

    I went to the local bike shop today (didnt wanna go to far afield as I only just got the bike and the only riding I have ever done prior was at the pre-learner course. The woman said I probably will need a new tank! But the bike was resprayed 3 months ago in a custom colour and I dont wanna have to try and match it all up. Anyone have any idea what I should do?

    I wanna patch it or something?

    Thanks for reading guys/gals

  2. I've never had to do this myself but I have a fair idea of the process, hopefully you can get someone more mechanicly clued to go through the details with you.

    Basicly the process would be something like this:

    -Drain the tank
    -Remove the tank
    -Rinse and dry it to get rid of any petrol and petrol fumes
    -Sand the rust then paint on some of that anti-corrosive filler, from the inside and outside of the tank if possible. (The filler is usually white or silver and you can get it at hardware stores, people use it to patch gas fittings etc)
    -Sand the area again for a smooth finish, then touchup the paint as required - or just chuck a decal over it :wink:
  3. paulie get a tank linner put in.
    its a two part liquid sealer that is sold
    from most bike shops.
    it comes with instructions and basically
    involves draining the tank, flushing through
    with the tank prep stuff and putting the sealer
    through. no paint work required as long as you dont spill any of the stuff on the paint. YOU MUST FOLLOW THE INSTUCTIONS PROVIDED
    WITH THE KIT. i put one of these kits through my old z650
    many years ago and NEVER had any problems again.
  4. Or try paint primer for marine purpuses... but first you will have to treat the rust...
    drain the fuel... remove all taps caps and filters...
    wash the inside of tank with metho (I think) let it dry in the sun/ compressed air...
    Grab some metal shards prefebly slightly magnetised...
    toss them in tank... shake all around...
    take them out (can be difficult)
    Blow out as much dust as you can...
    put in some good rust basting product in tank and splash around...
    let it dry again and put in the primer... splash splash splash... dry for a day reassemble... and whala you can store sea water in your tank...
  5. most of the above are on the right track but only one is close.
    The product your after is one of three on the market and i believe after using it Kream would be the best.
    Its a tank sealant and repair kit, goto any bike dealer they should know what it is your after the hole sealer and cream.
    Personally i would pay them to do it for you as it should take up to 4 days to be done properly.
    I had my tank done 12 months back and not a leak or a problem since :)
    Kream and hole sealer will cost around $145, labour for them to do it around $200.
    Reason labour cost so much is the drying process where air needs to be pumped through the tank for around 10 hours, this gets done twice to ensure tank is properly dry :)
  6. buy a tank resealing kit, it costs about $100 bucks, takes a few days to do cuz there is 3 stages involved and the tank needs to be completely dry before you start the next one.

    The tank on my BSA was leaking in 2 places got the kit, resealed the tank and it is as good as new now :)

    just make sure you dont get any on the paint work!!!!!

    good luck
  7. The product you need is the Kreem tank sealer.

    I used it on my old GPZ900R which had rust in the tank, the repair was still perfect four years after installation when the bike got written off :(

    You can see an example of the Kreem product here:



  8. another point too, is did you get a RWC with the bike? because a rusty/leaky tank is most definately a roadworthy item. if you did get an RWC with it, i'd say you might be able to pursuade the place that supplied the certificate to fix it for you for nothing. after all, a tank repair costs much less than a RWC licence :wink:
  9. coconuts I bought the bike privately, with rego till february 2006, so i didnt get a rwc.

    Thanks all for the advise, I'm also gonna show it to a friends dad who is a panelbeater and see what he says.

    At the bike shop the lady told me I would need to buy a new tank!
  10. With everybody suggesting the liner I guess that will probably be the go... but, what about the rust? The liner wont kill rust will it?
  11. Paulie,

    I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, but I think it is too late for a liner. I've done it to a couple of bikes, but the one that was already leaking was a waste of time and mony.

    I'd say you are going to have to cut the rust out and respray.

  12. cream

    well cream sealer is the answer for rusty tank did my z900 3 years ago and no probs but as previously stated dont let your staffy dog knock it over as it eats paint and still bear the scars.
  13. I rang the wreckers today and they said $400 for a second hand tank! I'll try the liner and patch the outside I think... its only gotta last me a year or so till I up grade. I noticed everybody said the kream stuf was about $100.. I saw it for $82 the other day so I guess I'll bite the bullet and buy it tomorrow or something. Its odd, I bought the bike on friday and ever since I have been chucking money at it! hopefully that will all stop once tank is fixed (and clutch cable is fixed)

    thanks all

    I'll keep you posted on how the tank fizxit goes. I probably won't fix it for a week or so because my cage has to go into the panelbeaters for repairs in a few days, paid for compliments of the M2 motorway! One of the signs on the motorway fell off a wall in a tunnel and smashed into my car at 120km an hour! So I'll have to ride the bike to work.. kinda scared!
  14. Update

    I got a quote to fix my tank from a panel beater down the road who has a good reputation with petrol tanks, hes quoted me $330 to rub the rust back and infill with lead and then he's gonna respray the tank... Does that sound like a pretty reasonable price?

    (The panel beater dude would have to give me a warranty on the repairs too hey?)
  15. Well, I procrastinated getting the tank fixed for oh about a month because I couldnt bear the thought of not riding for a week but I checked the rust on friday and its gotten a little worse so I rang the Panel beater place and booked the tank in for tomorrow, it was surprisingly alot easier to take the tank off than I thought! 4 bolts and it was off! So tomorrow I'll drop it off and hopefully I'll have it back by friday!!! There was quite a bit of rust on the bottom edges that was hidden by the fairings and stuff it was all bubbling, hopefully I wont have to pay any extra, the quote was for $330 to rub back the rust infill it with lead and then respray it...... No riding for a week :(
  16. Good to hear it is getting fixed mate!! Good that youhave taken it to a professional place also, atleast you know it'll get fixed properly now (you'd hope so anyway being a professional and all). Hope you back up and riding soon.
  17. i've heard kbc is better than kreem.
  18. Easter is over, no more resurrections please... ](*,)