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i got props from a BMW rider. GASP

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by loki, May 31, 2007.

  1. so the other day, while i'm cruising down the m4 in the left-lane on my little prilla, i notice this BMW overtaking me on my right. the rider is giving me a double NOD, presumably looking at my freshly-cleaned blue Y-spokes spinning in the sun

    i never get nods off BMW riders.

    especially when they're cops.

    especially when i'm cruising somewhere between the speed limit for my license class and 110km/h, and casually leaning on the gas tank with my elbow

    i nod back, and the cop keeps going
    all is right in the world.
  2. Did you get his number? I'll have the bastard drummed out of the BMW club....nodding indeed... :twisted:
  3. obviously a Bike-cop Bimmer-tourist then?
    i shouldn't take it as a nod from a real BMW rider?
    aw. i had my hopes up and everything..
  4. I know it seemed like he was nodding... but was the road bumpy and are you sure he was awake?
  5. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Maybe he had just completed the icicle run and was trying to remove his frozen beard from his string singlet? :LOL:
  6. maybe you mistook his shudder of disgust for a nod?
  7. probably on a test ride :?
  8. If he had just completed the icicle ride he was probably just choking himself laughing at the drongo without heated grips... :LOL:
  9. He was shaking trying to restrain his laughter... :LOL:

    and what's more - unless you're a septic, it is fuel tank or petrol tank...

    never "gas tank" :evil: :p
  10. ha!
    i love you crazy kids.

    i've since found out he was listening to talk-back radio on his earphones, and was nodding vigorously in agreement with John Laws' opinions on Workplace Agreements and Toyota Echos
  11. Now you really are getting highly offensive... No self-respecting BMW rider would listen to John Laws! :p :p

  12. He advertises the Prado and the Aurion, not the Echo!
  13. i shi t you not.
    i heard him praise that little glorified shopping trolley with my own ears, while sitting in the speeding Volvo of a family friend.

    Who also happened to be the proud owner of a Bimmer
  14. I'm not sure what's more disturbing - you have a friend who owns a Volvo or you have a friend who listens to John Laws... :LOL:

    At least he was a Bimmer owner (BMWs with 2 extra wheels) rather than a Beemer owner (BMWs with the correct number of wheels) :p :p
  15. it's a she, actually :)
  16. Damn right!!!
  17. its a strange world...
    the other day i illegally rode the firestorm to work, since the clutch of the 250 was in pieces in the garage. i was doing 90 in an 80 zone, and a bike cop coming the other way gave me a big solid nod.
    i chuckled all the way to work

  18. It was most likely the "dont worry punk, i'll get you next time..." nod. I used to get alot of these, hence why I have four different coloured tanks and fairings...
  19. fairings on a spada? i thought fairings on a VTR was bad enough. you dont need mismatched paint schemes, you need variable tint paint!
    either way i think ill maintain my nieve assumption and that he was just saying gday. in nsw they dont book you for doing 2kms over the limit. its 10% plus 3kms. 10% being what ADR requires in terms of speedo accuracy, 3 kms in terms of parralex error.