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I got one!!! I finally got one!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Noticibly F.A.T, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. I got a bike! Soooo excited! First ever bike! Its a ZZR250. '94 model, blue with yellow bits. Will gets pics up asap! I will probably get it resprayed, as i'm not a real fan of the colour scheme. But mechanically its excellent!!! :)

  2. Congratulations.
    Now get out there and RIDE!
  3. congrats :)

    was that the one on ebay dude?

    cant miss that paint job!
  4. Congrats mate !
  5. Yes, it was that one on ebay rofl! Yeah the paint scheme is.... different :)

    Oh, i have been riding. Very first real ride was riding it home from moorabin to geelong, at dusk/night. That was an experience. I'm already learning so much about riding just from the last 150km's that i've done! Its soooo much fun!!! :)
  6. Good work man!
    I joined around the same time as you and sorta followed your search for your first bike.
    Congrats and enjoy :)
  7. Congrats mate and good luck. You've made an excellent choice of first bike there. The ZZR is a fine machine. :)
  8. Well done. Treat it well and it will look after you.
    Cant wait to see the colours :LOL:
  10. Congrats. But yes, photos needed to straighten things about a bit.

    I wouldn't bother with repainting it mate, will cost you more than you think (1000 would be a bargain for full repaint with stickers). Save the cash for fixing up any minor cosmetic damage before you're about to sell it.

    Now get back out there! :)
  11. congrats mate! i still have my zzr on its center stand waiting till saturday to get its blue slip! been riding it here and there but nothing big yet. Post the link to the ebay auction so we can see some pics! :D
  12. umm you might change your mind phizog!

    This is the bike (hope you dont mind me posting the link "noticeably FAT" ;))


    I was looking at it for a mate. bu who cares what it looks like atm! just ride the crap out of it. and it says you live in angelsea so your like 20mins away from the best part of the GOR!! :) lucky bastard!
  13. Its not so bad.
    See if you can find a velcro cover for the "glove box".
    I wouldnt bother painting it. Put the cash towards good gear and advanced lessons.
  14. so is that what that is? i got the cover on mine but didnt know wtf i would use it for. Mobile phone sits nicely there, then again i dont see me riding and talking...
  15. Hey nice find!
    I've seen worse paint jobs :)
    Have fun with it :grin:
  16. I use mine all the time for little things, like the security card to get into the carpark at work. But even better than that is filling it with change for the toll when I know I'll be passing through one - you can put change in there so that when you come up to the toll booth, you don't even have to take your gloves off :grin:.
  17. I cut those sides of almost up to the dash leaving a thin strip before the bottom of said Dash. Now I have thick webbing running from the original bracket down the inside of the fairing, and it holds quite a lot nicely :D
  18. ^^^Got pics of this? I'm very very interested to see how you did it!

    Also, thanks a bunch for the kind words guys! :) I'm so rapped. I've done about 350 km's today alone! Went down to GOR to Cape Otway to see my brother and surprise him.


    She rides beautifully! :)

    P.S. Nah i don't mind that you posted the link. I need to borrow my GF's camera to take some pics, cause i don't have a cable for my camera phone.

    I'll wash it and get some asap :)
  19. 11666067bffd1ea0dfcc78c39b2ccfddfb3cabe.

  20. That aint a 250 :LOL: :LOL: