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I got my P's :)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by starlet, Oct 20, 2007.

  1. I passed today :dance:

  2. Congrats - you are on your way now!

  3. Hearty congratulations :).
  4. Congrats Starlet!!! :grin: a month before I can go for mine.. we need to go for a ride! :grin:
  5. hey congrats!! one step closer to a bigger bike
  6. Awesome, well done.. :grin:
  7. Congratulations Starlet!!! I am really happy for you. :applause:

    Its hard to believe that you had never ridden a bike until 3 months ago and now you are commuting through Sydney's city traffic, and able to get your P's without losing points for riding error!
  8. Thanks guys, just got back from the RTA and am about to rip the L plate off :grin:

    I can hardly believe it either Stealth...:p

    This definetly is one step closer to a bigger bike, I was day dreaming about it all weekend!

    Just let us know when you wanna go for a ride Nickt, although can't do this weekend.
  9. :woot: well done Starlet!
  10. woo hoo

    big congrats on the test starlet not long till the 125 can be past on to another L plater
  11. Yay! Well done!

  12. welldone. :LOL:
  13. Congrats... How did you find it? Easy? Difficult? A little of both?
  14. I was quiet nervous just before the test but during the test the nerves settled and I just did my best which made it easier. I wouldn't say it was hard, so long as you know how to ride you shouldn't have a problem.

    You get A LOT of practice on the day! It's actually really fun :)

    Oh and the main thing they drill into you is:
  15. Ive heard this too. I automatically do headchecks when im on the road, but im sure It feels silly to do when its just you on the range and you know exactly where everyone else is...