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I got my P's today!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Tweetster, Dec 2, 2009.

  1. Woooohooooooo!!.. took the MOST today and passed!! :dance:

    Trainer at Penrith (Elaine).. was fab, put everyone at ease and made the whole day enjoyable!! *gasp*

    What can I say sweetie!!.... you taught me to ride a motorbike (running alongside and hanging on so I didn't come unstuck!!). You got me through my L's, you baby sat me through 1st tentative rides, watched out for me and gave me the confidence to get out there on my own. You then helped me with the cone weave & U turn. How lucky was I?

    All I can say is thank you, thank you for your support, patience and tuition.

    Ok, one year to the day.. I will be riding a ZZR600!! \\:D/ (due to the fact that I am a *cough* little bit *cough* over 25!! :-w
  2. congratulations!!!
  3. Thats a really big achievement. Congratulations!!!
  4. Congratulations! Now it's the final count down to the 600!
  5. Congratulations!!!

    Wan't a celebratory root?

    No, ok, never mind. :p
  6. ..too late!! :bannanabutt: ... but thanks for the offer!!... :p
  7. ..thanks for the grats peeps!!... :wink:
  8. Good work!
  9. Congrats. Was there a particular part of the course you found difficult? Im going to book mine soon so I need to practice on the slow riding course they ask you to do. I'm confident on the road but that slow riding could prove challenging.
  10. Well done!! I'm planning on doing my full license test early January next year, i can wait!
  11. Well tweets, you better get vic to put that in the event/ride calendar, for the next time he comes to sydney, otherwise you won't know it's happenin till the last minute....:rofl:
  12. ..doesn't there have to be an EOI first??.... :p

  13. Congratulations!!!=D> keep it up right.
  14. congratulations well done
  15. Wow, congrats Tweets! We'll have to look out for you hooning around now like all P platers wont we :LOL:

  16. Ha, ha!!... oh yeah!!.... I can do a whole 90 k's now!!..... \\:D/
  17. Yea, now I can change to third gear when following you :rofl:
  18. Congrats! I'm too chicken shit to get my P's...I prefer to just resit my L's over and over again ](*,)
  19. Well done Tweets.
    Good Job (y)