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I got my Opens! I got my opens!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by BalmyBrowny, Jun 27, 2007.

  1. got my unrestricted licence today! woohoo!!!
    now just gotta get my funds together and test ride some new toys
    :biker: :dance: :woot:

  2. Alright, alright, no need to yell about it......

    err, wait a minute...

    YES THERE IS!!!!

    Congrats :).
  3. Theres a person in australia whos extremely jealous right now.....
  4. Congrats.

    Now it's "REAL BIKE TIME"


    Apologies to any 2fiddy owners
  5. Sure is Trix :D So many choices! And i just know that the heart will have a slightly higher say than the head ;)
  6. Congratulations Balmy...the FJR1300 is a really nice scooter :wink:
  7. make that 2.
    only 42 days to go :tantrum:

    opps! congrats! happy buying
  8. Congrats mate, I know exactly how you feel today :cool:
  9. YAY for you balmy.....
  10. Let's make that 3. Still have 60 days to go ...but who's counting.

    Congrats Balmy \:D/
  11. congrats mate!
    what's the upgrade?
  12. well not sure on the upgrade yet. have to get out and get on a few bikes now :D ridden the fz6 already and did my licencing on a GS500. didn't like the GS at all! and loved the FZ6 although not sure on a naked at this point in time.
    REALLY wanna tryout a cbr600f/f4i. heard they are a nice touring feel positioning. and love the look of them. but we will see.. have around 8k to spend. maybe upto 10 for a brand new/newish bike if i fall in love with it. so alot of options out there.
  13. Congrats Balmy! :grin:
  14. Welcome
    Got mine last tuesday. Just over a week on the big CBR and loving it.
    GO easy, whole different ball game!

  15. thanks everyone.
    was nervous about the figure 8's cause not really something i do everyday he he. but they ended up being easy as! am glad i waited to get my opens instead of just Qride stroght there. think i needed the time to get used to riding well.
  16. Yay! Well done my friend! :dance:

    You certainly have had a good month haven't you? :wink:

    I have a beautiful ER6 you can buy so that I can get myself a ZX6! :grin:
  17. yeah June has definitely been my friend ;)

    ER6 is one of the bikes i looked at when i was at Pro Kawasaki at Springwood the other week. will do a very decent price on a brand newey! pretty tempting. have to ride them to see how i feel on one though. they looknice. especially your colours!
  18. It is a great bike- very comfortable on long rides. The Kyogle NR ride was 11 hours for me and the whole ride was very comfortable. I guess it depends what you want from a bike. It sounds like you are doing what I did- 'Hmmm, I can get a new one for not much more than a used one.'
    I am really keen for something a little sportier now, so be sure you are getting what you want.
  19. yeah its the old head heart thing. ER6 and FZ6 are great bikes from what i've read and ridden (FZ6 only at this point) but would prefer something sportier (heart) will jsut ride a few different bikes and feel them out. see i the sporty option is too much for me yet or not i guess. oh, and the wallet!
    you sound like you're a Kwaka girl all the way bm! i personally found the zx6 to feel like i was falling over the handlebars. but that was also only after about 3 months riding so didn't know how to sit on a bike yet :p
  20. Sounds like the twain should meet so BM can sell you a good ER6 on the cheap :D