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I GOT MY L's !!!!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by NewChic, Sep 12, 2010.

  1. Hello everyone!

    I'm new to motorbikes AND forums! :newb:

    I just got my L's about 3 weeks ago. I haven't bought a bike yet...but am currently looking....

    It is so hard to decide! ](*,) If anyone knows a good bike that is learner approved please feel free to tell me all about it, I need as much help as I can get ;)

    I don't know alot about bikes and had never ridden one before but I have recently taken an interest in them (hence why I got my L's) and finding them more and more interesting by the minute! :dance:

    Well anyways, It looks like I came to the right place!

    Look forward to chatting with you all :D
  2. Welcome :D

    Bikes: Kawasaki ER-5, Suzuki GS500, Honda CB250, Kawasaki Ninja 650RL or 250 :)
  3. Welcome !!!

    I just got my L's 3 weeks ago too =D

    How about a cbr125r? its slow but its a good bike to start off with.
  4. Welcome to 2 wheels.... Congrats.

    If Canberra has the LAMS scheme and If you are tall enough, you will love a DRZ400-SM.... Easy to ride and very very versatile. They look trick too.

    If your budget allows, a DRZ400-E; and get the dealer to fit a set of -SM wheels, sprockets and brakes.

    This second option will get you a lighter and more powerful bike.
    You loose the locking petrol cap, capacity to take a pillion passenger and gain about an inch and a half in seat height though.

    The pic is the second option. the first option looks much the same but lower.
    The suspension, especialy on the second option is extremely compliant. And if the Cotter rd is as bumpy as I remember, you will be laughing at just about every other bike. With the right tyre selection and a bit of "rider training" they can be a go just about anywhere machine. This bike could have been designed with the ACT and surrounds in mind. Just as at home in the middle of Civic as well as the Brindabella Rd. Having said that dont tackle the Brindabella until you have experiance and or training.

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  5. Congratulations from me a Canberra resident as well

    You have come to the right place for friendly and knowledgeable (?) advice

    you will have a blast
  6. Me and a mate both bought Honda Hornets. A VTR250 is also a good pick, or a GS500 or even a CB400 if your budget can stretch that far. Any 250 will do the job fine, just avoid paying too much!
  7. welcome what sort of bikes do you like most sports,nakeds,cruisers,road trail etc
  8. Welcome to the world of forums and bikes. I got my Ps recently and have been very happy with the CB400. Its an easy bike to do the test with, for what its worth.
  9. welcome in, in order for us to pick a good bike perfect for you, we will need the following

    bust size

  10. Yeah I really like the look of the Ninja but i prefer the naked sports so im kinda keen on the GS500 or Er-5 :)

    Well I am actually in Queanbeyan, but its close to canberra i just say canberra lol so yeah i have a NSW licence :) I am 5ft 11 so the DRZ400-SM sounds like a good one to check out..can't wait!! :D Thanks 4 ur help :angel:

    I really like naked sports bikes but i dont know if they will be comfortable as i am kinda tall... 8-[ LOL

  11. i like naked girls on sportsbikes
    wait ... girls on naked sports bikes
  12. Ahhh you are about 10 minutes ride from my place
  13. I think you just made a lot of new friends!! haha!! :D

  14. Ignore Goz. The syphilis has damaged his brain.
  15. I ride an '09 Suzuki Gladius SFV650, which is along the lines of a naked sport/tourer.

    I love it, they look pretty hideous as a stock bike but a few tweaks and i think they can look really tidy.
  16. Welcome to Netrider and CONGRATS on your L's (y)
    Best of luck with your bike hunting and many safe adventures.