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I got my learners!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by judas, Nov 13, 2005.

  1. oh my god i cannot tell you guys how happy i am right now and how much fun i had doing the course. A really big weight has been lifted off my shoulders and all i need now is a bike!

    My mum did the course with me as well and she also passed which is a great credit to her too!

    Just thought id share my glee with everyone here.
  2. Woooo hoooo congrats

    Now go out and have some fun

  3. congrats to both of you
  4. Crongrats! I just recently got my L's its all good :)
  5. welcome to the thing only us motorcyclest know.... road rules :] you'll start noticing how many d!ckhe@d drivers are on the road. Be safe. My girlfriend just did her stage 1 course yesterday and she's had a big grin on her face all day.
  6. Welcome to the dark side!
  7. Good stuff. :D
  8. Motorcycles are for chumps.

    Unicycles is where its at.

    Unicycling in a unitard is guranteed to get you the ladies.
  9. Well done Judas, it is a gr8 feeling isn't it.

    Hope to see you on a ride soon. Be safe but have fun.
  10. hmmmmm, mum has her Ls as well???

    That sound like the end of unchaperoned dates for you, young man!!!

    Just kidding; congratulations, shop wisely, and enjoy......
  11. Good job ol chap...

    Now come to coffee tomorrow night at the wine larder :p
  12. Congrats to both of you!!

    Have fun bike shopping. :)

    :D :D
  13. congrats to both of you
  14. Congrats judas (and your mum) ride safe :D