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I got my learners this week

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Jayce87, Apr 22, 2015.

  1. So I just got my Learners on saturday and am yet to buy a bike, Looking at a cruiser (not a bobber) and was on here researching some businesses with a bad rep and decided to join.

    When I got my permit I was so confused being on a bike without a kickstart or wasn't 30 plus years old how the hell was I meant to know where the horn is???

    So I am looking forward to getting a VT 400 or XVS 650 and getting some practice
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  2. So also just wanted advice on the suitability of smaller cruisers or the hyosung 650, as these bikes are cheaper it means less work convincing my partner to let me buy a bike. Also I noted that the first barley street I have seen used on bikesales came up today
  3. Welcome Jayce,
    The xvs650 is pretty popular but it really depends on your style of riding (the roads and speed limits).
    They're great up to 100 km/h but can suffer a bit on longer rides above 100.
    The Hyosung will certainly be cheaper but I don't have any experience with them.
  4. Yeah well it wouldnt be a commuter longer weekend rides is the plan.
    I only work 2.2km from home so other than pure laziness I should walk it. So not worth putting gear on for so not worth riding.
  5. Welcome Jayce.
  6. Cheers magnetic, so much usefull info on here.
  7. VT400 is a Honda = good

    Heavy + underpowered = bad

    Hyosungs were of ordinary quality in the beginning, latest bikes are better, but still a Korean. Lots of mixed reviews out there.

    Have a look at the Vulcan S as well, if your budget is near $10k
  8. welcome aboard :]
  9. Welcome and happy bike shopping! :)
  10. Welcome, hopefully you'll discover the right bike at the right price too
  11. Yeah Vulcan spiked my interest, but I am struggling with convincing my better half. I noticed a second hand Harley street came up on bikesales yesterday but the other half has a thing about Harley's
  12. So Jayce87Jayce87 how is the hunt for a bike going. Don't leave it to long, you need to get out there and start polishing your skillset before the stuff you have learned in your L's starts to atrophy. Have you decided on a bike yet?
  13. I did my pre-provisional course with a guy on a XVS650. The poor guy struggled with the really tight manoeuvres and failed. Maybe it'd be worth taking a look at the later model Hyosungs or even a SFV650 until you get your full licence. I have an SFV650, would definitely recommend to anyone. Good sized bike, plenty of down low grunt but will still get itself up to 150km/h no worries, so easy to throw around in the corners, comfortable seating position and fairly cheap to service.
    Let us know how you go! :]
  14. Howdy & Welcome to NR Jayce!!
  15. Thanks for the Info Guys. I have been overseas for a week or so now but will get back to looking for a bike again shortly.
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  16. Has anyone ever developed an ear infection from a sharp exhaust blow to the face.
    I have been to see the GP and have an ear infection after being hit in the face by a sharp exhaust whilst in Bali would never have assume it possible.
  17. You got physically hit in the face by an exhaust pipe?
  18. No. Exhaust pressure around 3 or 4 days ago the exhaust was angled up and the guy gave it quite a rev and I felt like i got slapped in the face, ever since slightly off balance and pain continually got worse.
  19. Oh i see.. no good..

    Sounds like the rather loud and sudden noise has played havoc with your ear, which would disturb your balance...
    Not sure about the infection part though... stranger things have happened...

    I'm assuming you've gone and had it looked at? If not, i'd be going first opportunity..

  20. Yeah saw the GP as soon as I got home, I just wouldnt have beieved it had it not have been me. The other readings I have done have indicated I had several other risk factors.