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I got my car licence!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by es, Jan 19, 2006.

  1. Car licence that is.
    Finally rocked up to vic roads, qued for a total of 5 mins (the licence too 5 min to print) paid my 17.50 and got car learners.
    So how long does this bugga last? 3 months or 6? I could look it up but Im lazy heh

    Naturally getting my bike Ps will take priority, I've been on my Ls for 9 months now :LOL:

    Now matt232 can stop teasing me that Ill be 27 with L plates on my car :LOL:

    So anyone crazy enough to teach me to drive? :twisted:

  2. nice, congrats, enjoy and take it easy!
  3. Re: OMGWTFBBQ I got my licence!

    Unless things have changed should be a lot longer than that (I got my L's at 16, Probationary licence at 18). Think they're good for 3 years, it should have an expiry date on it somewhere - check that.
  4. the expirey date is 2016... :LOL:

    Im over 18 now though. Under 16 you have to wait 2 years before you get Ps. Ill look it up :p
  5. Yep, you have to be over 18 to get P's in Victoria. If you're between 18-25 you have to hold a learners for 6 months before going for your licence, over 25s only have to wait 3 months.
  6. thats not what i ment, I was told by vic roads that if you got your Ls when under 18 you had to stay on them for two years, no matter if you get them 2 weeks before your 18th bday or if you get them on 16th bday.

    I just looked it up and totally not true.

    so 6 months huh.... prolly take at least that long for me to save up the 2-300 I need to go for them any way :LOL:
  7. Re: OMGWTFBBQ I got my licence!

    Until you get your license I don't see the need to let up just yet.
  8. :cool: congratulations \:D/

    Now to find someone to let you take control of their car while they sit helpless in the passenger seat. :LOL:
  9. unfortuantly, kraven, that will probably never happen :LOL:

    and matt... you can torment me much as you like long as you give me a job :grin:
  10. Awww, you can take my car out when it is fixed as long as i am not in it at the time. :LOL: :p

    Unfortunately it is only due to be fixed in the very, very distant future
  11. :grin: Congrats :grin:

    If I had a car I'd let you have a go in that but unfortunately I dont sorry...have taught some people who had no driving skills as all before..so if you can lend a car from somewhere I can give ya some tuition...I have the patience of a saint hehe...
  12. ill let you eswan./. no stress.. and i dont even know you..
    you do owe me clown p0rn though haha.

    rule 1) do as you are told
    2) if you dont do as you are told while driving my car, no legal action may be taken when you are knocked da feck out for damaging my car.

    prviso: simple leanrer mistakes are expected. any damage must be paid for.
  13. aw thanks for the offers!

    My experience driving cars so far consists of driving a paddock bomb round while drunk and almost crashing into some sleeping sheep. Or they could have been tree stunps/reeds/just about anything becuase I was really trashed.
    I probably wasnt even driving, just sitting in the car... we will never know :LOL:
    so anyway, Ill think about it when Im not tired :p
  14. Definately not letting you anywhere near my car :p
  15. Well I value my bike licence too much to drink and drive cept on private propety if that helps any :LOL:
  16. Nope don't trust you sober either, not with my car anyway :p.
  17. :LOL: fine, I never liked white cars anyway :p
  18. I get terrible tunnel vision when I drive a car now, I hate the things. Apart from the comfy seats and the air conditioning, and the cd player and the boot space, the back seat, glove box, auto transmission and roof :)
  19. I didnt think Id get my licence for years... but I can see how it would be easier in some ways.
  20. Yeah, cars don't fall over. :LOL: