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i got my bike back

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by conan, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. after what seems like for ever, today i got my bike back, what a nightmare it was waiting for parts and stuff

  2. Pics or it didn't happen.
  3. haha very funny wiseguy
  4. Good to hear Conan! At last! It seems like forever, I guess it was worse for you.... :shock: Anyway hope you can come along to coffee again now you have transport! :)
  5. :grin:

    C'mon, you've got better ones than that front-on shot in your 'garage' don'tcha?
  6. yeah im so glad to have it back and yeah ill be back out for coffee meets soon , busy this weekend now ( im going for a LOOOOOOOOONG ride) and
    Ktulu ill go take a photo for you right now then?

  7. Hot.

    You should definitely change that one for the one in your garage :)

    People rag on Hyosungs for build-quality etc... but I'll be damned if they don't make a good-looking bike.

    I saw an Aquila the other day, at the lights, and I don't care what anyone says: they look sweet.
  8. yeah i did change it , yeah i dont care what anyone else says , im still on my l's and theres no way i want to ride a 15 year old bike thats been trashed , plus when i do get my full licence i dont have to sell up so fast to buy a bigger bike that i probs wont use all the power from
  9. Is yours restricted?

    I know they came out that way, but I hear the zuk SV650 is LAMS now or something, so the GTR should be no worries.

    ... hell, half the reason to buy it is you can get away with derestricting it before you're on your full license :grin:
  10. yeah mines restricted but im thinking of derestricting it on the sly anyhoo
  11. I'd do it. It's a twin... not like it's going to tear the helmet off your head, just by unrestricting it.

    You'll be fine, and the bike will be running how it was designed to.

    That's just my humble and slightly illegal opinion... :p
  12. Was it in for a warranty issue or rider error?

    Thinking of getting a Hyo but build quality/longevity worries me.
  13. i droped it on the way to a netrider movie night , theres nothing wrong with the build quality with them , just some parts are hard to get a hold of, other then that they are great bikes
  14. How much HP does it give out restricted and then unrestricted? Glad to hear it wasn't due to a faulty product!
  15. um its 79hp unrestricted and about 34 when restricted , im not quite sure, but theres tons of info on them at www.korider.com
  16. nah its a 07, build date is 11/06
  17. Well you live and learn I thought all the silvers were 06 models they got some black frames in Europe in 06, and after that they were all black frames.
  18. i think they had the option just to get rid of all the sliver frames? i like the sliver frame anyhoo, breaks the black up a bit