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I got lucky on the reefton last saturday arvo...

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by WTSPT, Apr 19, 2010.

  1. Some say I wouldnt have as I don't have a bike anymore; pretty sure our beautiful cb400 is going to end up being a write off. But I reckon I came a few inches from breaking my back and just walking away with a couple of fractured bones, nerve and soft tissue damage and a very bruised ego is no doubt a miracle.

    A group of very kind fellas ended up giving me a pillion ride back down to marysville after my stack and just wanted pass on a very big thanks to those people who gave me a hand =D> Being on my own at that point in time and having random people come to your assistance certainly left me with a warm fuzzy feeling.

    I hope i can eventually convince the boss to allow me to get back on two wheels again. I am going to miss it pretty badly otherwise.

  2. Sorry to hear that. Got more information on what went wrong?

    Heal up soon.
  3. Sorry to hear about your accident. I had came off at the black spur about 5 weeks ago and am nursing a broken humerus bone. Random people stopped and helped me out and it's very nice to see that compassion in people in your time of need. Just make sure you contact the TAC and lodge the paperwork to get all of your bills, work pay etc covered. I hope that you heal up soon and i know how you can get cabin fever, sitting around waiting to get better but at least you are alive and all of your injuries will heal. Take care and if you can let us know how the accident happened you can work out where it all went pear shaped.
  4. Sorry to hear that mate.

    Any idea of what happened?
  5. Thanks guys. Quo in the process of dealing with TAC were they helpful. Looks like (due to the nature of work) that ill be on my bum for six weeks unable to earn any coin. How did they help?


    Did the whole of reefton with a few other riders it was probably the most enjoyable ride i've done yet, when they headed off to warburton i turned around to head back to marysville. I passed a big group of riders on a yarra shire instructed ride (looks like i could of benefited from going along with them) and then no less than 4 minutes ride up the road i entered a slow right turn, saw a heap of logs on the side of the road and headed straight into them.

    Now sitting in front of a computer feeling stupid as i write this up. What can you do except learn and hop back on!
  6. Not sure that this one belongs in the "Near Misses" section, though.

    As someone who is also recuperating, I feel for you, take it easy, heal up, and use the time wisely.
  7. Great attitude in accepting that you can learn and move on. The people who have real issues are the ones who don't take the lessons and apply them the next time.

    Heal well
  8. Did you go to hospital? I'm thinking that maybe you went to Maroondah public hospital if you went anywhere. If you are involved in any road accident, the TAC get involved (if you lodge the paperwork that is). Call them on 1300 654 329 and they'll give you a claim number. I found them extremely helpful and they can go through various scenarios with you. In my case, they are paying up to 80% of my full wage from the time i had the accident right up until i return to work. This way i don't chew through my sick or annual leave pay at work. The TAC also pay for all hospital bills - my surgey, scans, medication and ambulance costs etc have been paid for. All of my physiotherapy sessions that i am currently going to are also covered. They cover the first five visits and then the physio has to send them a schedule for further visits with a date upon which they think i will be in full working order - this is paid for but the TAC needs this so i don't receive free physio for the next millenium.
    Let me know how you go with everything and i know how you feel physically so i empathise with you.
  9. Wow, there's a few of us coming off in the last few weeks - be careful everyone else, no-one likes seeing more of these threads popping up.

    Take the lesson and get yourself better mate. You'll be back out there, albeit a little more cautious, soon enough.

  10. Yeah after having been dropped off at Marsville by some riders I got someone to pick me up to take me to hospital. So I know its on record at maroondah; me and my missus are also going up to marysville to make an official report with the police there and say our goodbyes to our motorbike which is in buxton now. Then hopefully i can sort this stuff out with TAC. Sounds like they are pretty understanding so once i got once the required docs together will be calling them asap.
  11. Bad luck mate, I did the same thing on the same road (came around a bend... fixated on ditch for some reason... next thing I'm in the ditch with a dislocated shoulder :(.)

    Still haven't been back to face the Reefton... one day, but given how many of us go down up there I'm in no great hurry :p
  12. I was your lift down to Marysville: sorry to hear that you did have fractures, I hope that you get better soon (y)

    And I guess that you'll be booking in the next instructed ride, with a nice new bike? :D
  13. Bad luck mate, but on the other hand I'm glad you came out of it reasonably well.

    I was one of the first to see your bike on the side of that road. (was with the instructed ride) on that day.

    Knew there were a heap of riders behind me so didnt stop and pose a further obstacle for the others.
    Saw your Blue? CB on the side next to a largish log with two folks in attendance.
    Must admit I was wondering How the Frick you'd managed to get there on such a open bend.

    Good luck with it all and hope you heal fast,

  14. Heli you were an absolute champion that day. If i can get it past the lady and convince her to go another bike ill be booking straight in with you guys.

    Cheers again for everything Ive pm'd you as well.