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I got knee down today!

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by toadcat, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. [​IMG]

    Next Rossi for sure!
  2. Bad form. Body and head are still in line with the bike. You are about to start dragging hard parts. Need to shift your weight and hang off more.
  3. not bad at all - see if you can get a leg over tonight :)
  4. I'd be modding the bike for better performance if you are going to ride like that on a regular basis...have you considered the 'cardboard in the spokes engine enhancement option' ? I have never done it but I have read about it in books and stuff. Once you have the parts you should be able to do this mod at home without need for specialist tools.
  5. Havnt u got a broken foot that needs repairing
  6. AWESOME photo man!!!

    you look so tough :D
  7. I'm just impressed you were able to do it on knobbies...
  8. why are you looking straight ahead 8-[ :cheeky:
  9. Yeah :D Bikes are too fun though. It's pretty much healed now anyways
  10. Nice one, draggin' pedal too!
  11. impressive. now can you return the bike, the kid started to cry.
  12. It's mine