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I got it!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by matti-san, Jan 30, 2006.

  1. Hi all, just a quick note to let you know I passed my L's! \:D/

    Some may have seen my post elsewhere, but to all the people who lent me words of encouragement thanks :biker:

    The bloke down at baylink in Hastings was fantastic, if you live down this way he is the man to see, thanks Dave.

    Pick up the bike this week, so be on the lookout for a black naked [have I said I love saying that!] GT250 with a big shiny yellow L!

    Quick question for all, how do you lock your bikes and what do you use?
  2. congratulations :D

    i use a big fcuk-off padlock-style disc lock and when it's parked at home i chain it to the clothes line.
  3. Well done bud :)

    My bike is a POS that no one would bother stealing, so my security regimen is:

    1. Park.
    2. Remove key from ignition.
    3. Walk away :)

  4. Well done mate....now buy a disc lock....and let us all know the first time you forget to take it off before taking off.. :LOL:

    a few of us have already done it.. so don't worry you won't be the first.. :p
  5. Congrats and keep practicing for your pretty P plates! :)
  6. Woohooo! :twisted:

    Congrats man.

    As for locks, when I can be bothered I use front & rear disc locks.

    Had alarm installed on my 1st bike; havent bothered doing it
    again for current ride.
  7. Congratulations, Welcome to the Temporary Australian CLub !!!

    I use a clear plastic coated cable (about as thick as your little finger) with a key lock that fits throught the rear wheel, and up and over the seat. It is highly visible. It also coils neatly into your jacket pocket and is quite light weight. Friends bought it for me froma bike shop for a birthday a couple of years ago.
  8. PMSL :LOL: :LOL:

    Looks like I'll have to take ya clothes line with me as well then :LOL: :p
  9. great news matti. congrats & have a blast.

    on the locking question, i park in a garage and am insured for more than it's probably worth these days so am happy leaving it on the street when i'm out'n'about.

    mind you, i might feel differently about that when i get a bigger/scrummier bike at some stage so am following this thread with interest :)

    thanks and good luck. see you on the road some time!