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I got hit tonight - what should I do about my smashed up bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by gregbull, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. Hey

    Was traveling home about 6pm in Ivanhoe (Vic), when this idiot turned right in front of me at an intersection. I guess he just didnt see me!

    I tried to evade but clipped the back corner of his car, and went flying off.

    Bike, I'm pretty sure will be a right off. I had full leathers, and thankfully didnt break anything. Some witnesses stopped to help and dragged my bike to the side of the road / nature strip, while I went to hospital ED.

    I'm home now, pretty sore, maybe a fractured finger.

    My bike (a 08 SV650S) is insured with insuremyride, but now some 5 hours later my bike I hope is still in Ivanhoe...

    Should I call a tow truck now - Im not really in any fit state to go there and help/watch. Or do you think it would be OK to risk leaving it until tomorrow and call the insurance company and let them organise all that??

    The risk is, maybe it might get knocked off, for parts?? Then where will I stand with insurance?

    Any advice would be great - Thanks...
  2. The cops would have the bike towed while your at the hospital so you would have to call them and find out where it is
  3. The police weren't called as far as I know. So don't think that will be the case now.
  4. Get it towed now. The insurance company won't like it if it's stolen
  5. Did you go to hospital in an ambo? If so I am pretty sure the cops have to rock up. If not you should call them ASAP...like now, report it etc etc etc as you were an injured party. Did the other car stop?
  6. I went to hospital, but not in an ambo. Called my wife whom was nearby and she took me.

    The other driver stopped, he was extremely apologetic, and very genuine. Iv'e got all of his details.

    I'm hesitant to call the cops as don't want to get him in trouble, but if I have to, then I guess I will.

    Will call a few tow trucks now and see if they will tow it without me being there.
  7. Ok you seem like a nice guy, but here's how it works:

    He was at fault, he has caused you much pain not only physically but now you will be without a bike for a few weeks. Failure to report this to the police may cause your insurance concerns as they will want a police incident report. Do not be fooled and allow it not to be reported as his insurance company will do everything in their power to put all the blame on you, this won't be possible for them with a police report.

    I highly recommend you report it ASAP.

    PS: Glad you're still OK after the accident, looks like wearing the right gear saved you :)
  8. Hey Set - thanks for your advice. Make sense.

    I just called the cops, and explained what happened. She said that I am under no legal obligation to report it, but if I want him charged, I can / should. I would need to go to the cop shop to do so.

    So it really comes down to what the insurance company wants / recommends.

    I will call them during business hours to find out, and go from there. Will post back to let others know.

    Yeah, my gear saved my butt. I fell / slid on my back for a few metres. Was wearing a backpack that had a Macboom Pro (the ones with the unibody aluminum case).
    Just checked it. Its wrecked. Buckled! So I reckon that took a fair bit of the force too!
    While my bike is insured - I didnt take out the option for my other stuff :( But I'm hoping that since his insurance company wil be paying I might get reimbursed?? Fingers crossed. I'm actually more concerned about that, then the bike.

  9. What Set Says,report, get him or her charged it will make your claim easier to process,as well its good to hear your okay.
  10. Make sure that when you report it to the insurance to make note of the fact the the driver was apologetic, even exact words. That goes a long way in determining at fault, payouts etc.

    Keep in mind that insurance companies aren't there to payout so they will do all in their power to weasle out of it.

    It's great that the driver was really good about it but fair is fair. This is the process & if the situation were reversed I'm sure he'd be getting the same advice! See what your insurance company needs & take it from there.
  11. His Insurance should cover everything damaged in the crash. your policy details don't really matter if he's found at fault.

    Call your insurance company. Give them a list of EVERYTHING damaged in the accident.
    Stuff in your backpack. All your riding gear.
    I'd check with them about injuries too.
    Though it might also be worth getting independant advice about that.

    I'm not talking about being silly with bogus "Pain and suffering" claims
    But if you may have fractured a finger - is it going to require time off work. Is it going to need physio or doctor visits etc. Make sure you claim for all the costs you're going to incur.
  12. Sorry to hear about your bike but good thing you're ok!!

    I work with a superannuation mob, most of our people have insurnace thru their super!!

    If you dont have independent insurance you might be like most of our people.
    Income protection helps if you are out of action to earn a wage [shortest wait period is 30 days]

    might not be in this situation but if you are, check your super insurance.

    I went thru the 'stacked the bike routine' last nov, got help from alot of people on here and every little bit does help!

    Do all the legal stuff you need to do FOR YOU!! The other was apologetic. great but he put you where you are, look after yourself!!

    heal well and fast the bike will be repaired, body takes a bit more to do properly!!
  13. Keep detailed records of EVERYTHING

    who you spoke to what they said what time what date etc

    and I really MEAN everything comprehensively

    even what the witness said to you
    weather conditions the works
  14. The police report is what your insurance company needs. If he gets charged so be it.
    Remember it could have been far worse so what is a few hundred more from his back pocket after insurance.
  15. You will need the police report for your TAC claim to cover hospital costs (xrays, the broken finger, etc), report it at your local station and get the officer's name whom you report it to.
  16. And photos of damaged items you took with you to hospital.
  17. Glad you are OK.

    Classic SMIDSY.........
  18. They will say that because they don't want to add more paperwork to their already busy day. However, given that you were injured than yes it should be reported.

    The police report will assist with the insurance claim for your bike and gear. It will also be absolutely required for any TAC claim for medical expenses or time off work.

    And yeah, if you haven't done it yet, get someone to recover the bike for you. It would be a wise move to get them to also take plenty of pics of the bike at the scene. This will help to show exactly what happened if there are problems with insurance and prove that the damage resulted from the crash. Pics should be of the bike and location to provide context.
  19. WTF ? I can assume your in shock ?
    If you leave it till next monday to call your insurance company they are possibly going to laugh at you...

    They have 24hr contact numbers for accidents, dont wait call them NOW and find out what they want and need and get the ball rolling now !

    Ps at least you sort of walked away =D>

    PPS , um if your bike is THAT damaged, the police should of been called regardless.
    There is NO mister nice guy under these curcumstances.
    Lets hope your bike is still there and someone hasn't picked it up for spares !
  20. Where a person is injured in a road accident, the police are supposed to be automatically called (with compulsory breathisers).