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I got burnt *down there* from my tank

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by zilly, Jan 30, 2009.

  1. Ok its not as bad as the title says... just the very tops of my legs got burnt from the tank when I was out riding on Wednesday in the lovely 43 degree day.

    I was sitting there, taking it easy as I was with a newbie Learner, and I think to myself, my legs are really starting to hurt, I look down and just see the sun reflecting off my tank and into the legs.

    Didn't think much more of it at the time, and went back to thinking about riding....

    Til I got home and discovered a red "sunburn" patch on each leg.

  2. Why weren't you wearing proper protective clothing?
  3. I was wearing hornee jeans, and yes the bit that got burnt was a bit that has kevlar going around it
  4. Ah my bad I thought from the description that you got badly sunburnt...
  5. I doubt it would be sunburn zilly, but probably a heat burn. Good excuse to but some of that After sun cream on! Brilliant on lite burns and sun burns! To be honest my draggins were getting pretty hot around there too last night on the way home from work :s
  6. Ah the joy of plastic tanks: No contact heat burns. :grin: Actually, they have to have some advantages. :evil:
  7. Ointment with a tincture of Aloe Vera may alleviate your symptoms...
  8. nah the burn was pretty much gone by the next day.

    When I realised that my tank was burning me, I just sat further back in the seat for a while. And yeah perhaps sunburn was the wrong word, heat burn is much better :)

    I just found it surprising that amount of heat could burn through the jeans
  9. Well golly. Heat burns. Who knew.
  10. ?? were you only wearing a mankini?
  11. :rofl:

    Sorry man, couldn't help myself.

    Not sure what advice to give, i've never experienced anything similar myself. The worst i've had is feel the heat of the engine just below the knee where i have no boot protecting the leg.
  12. That's really odd mate - I've never had that happen to me before?
  13. I love the smell of "burning flaps" on a hot afternoon.
  14. Glad to hear that the effects weren't longlasting.
    Some bikes produce an astounding amount of heat. I found this out while test riding the 999S and 1098S. The rear cylinder head is very close to the inner thigh in those cases and the heat is easily enough to keep you warm on a winter's day. :LOL:
  15. Hey Zilly,

    I get burned by my bike in Summer. I just learned to ride with my knees sticking out when going slowly or stopped at the lights.....

    Quite painful though.
  16. I know how it is.
    I've got a four cyl air cooled Yammy and the heat that comes off the engine into my knees on really hot days is incredible.
  17. I burnt my fingers today getting a coin box out of a parking machine.

    They formed blisters and burst almost on contact with the metal handle attached to teh coin box.

    I'm in ouch right now :(
  18. Are you sure it was a burn? Seems to have healed remakably quickly.

    Were you sweating in the heat. I find sweat (or water if it rains) causes the kevlar to sting my skin. It's a very painful sensation that leaves a red mark which is gone in about the same time. Could that have been what it was? :)
  19. [​IMG]

    They are on standby. Give them a call if things reach critical mass.