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I got bored....

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Drew, Dec 12, 2007.

  1. So i made anew bike.

    Now i just wish Triumph would make it

    Essentially a Sprint St sans Fairings


    note t o self...watch auctions for crashed sprints
  2. "Baby got back..."
  3. Couldn't you just put panniers on a speed triple?
  4. maybe with a bit of work, soft one definately. but the seat isn't overly suited to 2 up touring either. But is an option...will have to check with the passenger closer to the upgrade time..... not that i'm counting or anything.
  5. Bugger the passenger, I though she was getting her own bike?

    Damn, look at that exhaust! :shock: Need a map to get from one end to the other.................
  6. Unfortunately finances can only support 1 bike for the forseeable future..so 2 up it has to be......hopefully without squshing the fun factor at the same time.. the pipes to twist and turn a bit on the trumpy's
  7. [​IMG]

    The 2008 Triumph SPEEDREW

    in all good Triumph Dealers NOW!
  8. :grin: :twisted:

    yes please!
  9. Drew, I think you have bigger issues than pillions with the front tyre the way it is :LOL:

    Has potential though.
  10. give me a break....it was 2 minute job in MS paint :LOL:

    Yes Loz Hornet is also good. I was just playing around with concepts...funny how Hornet like it got though. Does the hornet have panier rail or similar Loz? haven't looked at that yet.
  11. Nope but you can plonk a top box on it, GIVI make a strong mount. I swear I touched it down on a wheelie once, but I couldn't find the scrape...
  12. Perhaps you should have used the wall on that GOR that you used for your knee sliders:p