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I got an interesting call today...

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by lordtb, Jun 2, 2005.

  1. I got an interesting call today... I have put an add in the trading post selling my Across... and someone from Ray Quency rung me asking me if I would like to sell them the bike or put it in at their shop.... Are they DESPERATE?? or em I asking well below the market value?? Has any one sold a bike through them?? I know they are not the best people to buy a bike from for fiew reasons but selling a bike to a dealer... Has any one had any expiriance with that??

  2. the shops are usually desperate for 250s. your price could be bang on the money for a private sale but they'll still make money off it...

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  3. sounds like an easy way to get rid of your bike if they're offering the price you asked for. if only selling everything was so straight forward.

    is it on offer in the for sale section of this site? doesn't seem to be
  4. Here it is:

    as for their offer to buy out right they did mention figures $200 - $500 less than I'm asking all depends on their assesment of it... Or I could put it in their shop and they will jack up the price so that they will make $200 -$500
  5. When I sold my zx2r in the trading post I had a bike shop from Adelaide willing to buy it from me, little under my asking price, sight unseen! But I had sold it the day before. I asked and the dealer said there was a major 250 shortage over there.
  6. Sold my totaled CBR250R to summoto as did my mate with his cbr250rr...they seemed willing to pay more (~$300-$500 more) for them than anyone else........take from that what you will.
  7. Is not that uncommon. Shops will often try and buy 250's. They know they will turn them over quickly due to demand for them and often they can bargain with the seller. Given that they are a dealer they can buy "without a roadworthy" so that is a feather in their bargaining cap. I have been told that they can do specific searches as well as they will often look for old ads in the hope that the seller will be more responsive to bargaining. Personally I have heard of many being sold to dealers.

  8. so how much did they pay?? I bought a totaled CBR250RR for $1600 a year ago... I thought that was CHEEP...
  9. No....cunning.
    Putting it at their shop often ends like this:
    You want , say, 3.5K.
    "We'll get it for you, no worries!!"
    They stick it on the floor at 4.7K.
    At point of sale, you'll get a call.
    "Listen, got someone with me here right now who's ready to sign IF we can wiggle the price a bit"
    How much?
    " about 400...."
    They'll never tell you what they're selling it for, just squeeze you for more margin.
    Selling outright? Yeah, sure. Don't budge on the price though.
  10. not sure about my mates bike but mine they paid $1500 for, with a punctured tank, all the fairings rashed or shattered, and various other items broken off from a wallaby collision and slide at 110km/h.

    This is what the helmet looked like and wasn't too much different to the bike.
  11. All sumoto would have been interested in was getting a frame and engine that had a compliance plate on it. They would tart up your wreck then sell it to someone for around $5000. they pay you $1600 do the figures. Easy money.
  12. yep had a look in there the other day...nice looking bikes....untl you get up close.....you can see on a lot of them that they aren't "original".
  13. When you take your bike in there they will pick holes in it and then offer you much less. Pretty standard really.

    As for them selling it, I had some car places approach me to do this when I last sold a car.

    The trick is they charge for detailing and insurance and then put too high a price on it. Then every two weeks they charge you agian. Money for nothing for them and no incintive to sell your vehicle.
  14. it looks like that option is out... (selling it to a dealer) I thought that would be the case... I'm getting some calls about it (2) through the trading post... Buyers seam to be weary... I have a feeling they want to have a feel of the market b4 they buy... No one come to see it yet...