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I got a Street Triple R for my birthday!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Asura, Dec 21, 2008.

  1. [​IMG]

    My wife thinks she's so funny... :(

  2. expect the unexpected on xmas morning :LOL:
  3. lol... my wife got me a matchbox bike a before I got mine... :)
  4. as a young 'un with only a bike and no car p's yet... i wanted a car. so my girlfriend bought me some matchbox ones. *sigh* guess ill just have to save for a bigger bike :D
  5. Did she at least give it a maiden fill with a good brew?
  6. Make sure you take it easy for the first 1000km, and don't spill what's in it... :)
  7. my dad gave me a toy car for my bday.... it was followed by a real car a few weeks later... (though the toy was a merc, the real one was a corolla, I told him it was false advertsing heheh)
  8. lol u got owned, put your thumb over your head :grin:
  9. unintentional double post
  10. Asura you just might get the cap and shirt next :!: Perhaps the bike might follow :?: :wink:

    "You better watch out, you better not cry, you better be good ...... "

    Might pay to get a b-i-g stocking.

    MC and HNY. Handle that baby safely now.

  11. was it supposed to be funnier the 2nd time?
  12. I read the topic heading & thought "You lucky bastard."

    Then I saw the post . . . you poor bastard. Your wife is a cruel & evil woman.
  13. I'd seriously stop your whining hey.

    I've had a porsche on my Christmas/Birthday list for almost 15 years, and I have not had a remote control one, a matchbox, or even a poster. Much less a custom made coffee cup! I'd say you have done very well!
  14. lmao! pwned!!

    saying that, knowing what triumph genuine parts cost, the cup is probably worth a good $500, so dont be too dissapointed.
  15. Asura [-(

    If I gave my hubby something like that he'd be pissed. If he did the same for me re my street triple r (that I'd like when off restrictions) I'd be pissed, its just not funny & imo wrong!!!!

    if ur realistic about what u wants, then they're achievable :wink:
  16. That's nothing! I've got a Desmocedici & a KTM RC8 in the bar, there's a GSXR1000 under the tree for me too! (but i'm not supposed to know that).

    The only problem is they're all 1:16 scale! :( At least she has a sense of humour!
  17. :LOL: well she tried :p
  18. Yeah, jokes aside it was actually a really nice gift. She's not into bikes - I was quite impressed that she remembered the right one.
  19. Ah... you're so smart for pointing that out...