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I got a nod... from a guy in a CAGE!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by BoogieMan, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. From the cage to the rider?

  2. Back to a cager when riding?

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  3. whenever I get eye contact coz my head is like one of those bobble head springs!!!

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  1. Yeah I'm not kidding!!!

    Yesterday I went for a ride.... nothing strange there, however whilst waiting at a set of lights I got a nod from a cager!!... I nodded back and then asked 'Do you ride?' he then chuckled and said "Yeah... For a second then I forgot I was driving so when I saw you I nodded." Turns out (and I got all of this in about 2 mins waiting at the lights) that he's from the US (originally) and he mentioned that nodding was common there too!...

    So today when I went for a drive... I nodded to a rider on a Suzi and he nodded back.... I thought to myself... this may be a good way to identify with riders when forced to use the cage that we'd all rather be riding!!!

    Anyway... Howdy to all who remember me and Hola to all those who dont.

    It's good to be back!!!
  2. I've done it before in the car, seen a rider go past & nodded, happens if I am on the bike all week then am forced to drive somewhere.
    i just forget I;m in the cage!
  3. yeah i was a bit wtf wen a cage noded to me.
  4. I nod when I drive the misses car, she's like.. "get over ya bikes" :p But yeah I have been noded to by a cager a few times. :LOL:

    This one time I had a truck driver nodd at me!!! and then showed me his helmet :cool: :LOL: Gave me smiles all the way home :grin:
  5. As Im a weekday cager (using car is part of my job as I have to lug around computer stuff regularly) I often think about nodding but dont.
    Havent spotted any cagers nodding at me when Im on the bike yet.
    Maybe we need to get stickers made up for us that are in cages sometimes "id rather be on my motorcycle than in this cage" :p bit long for a bumper sticker though.
  6. wtf??? Where's the no option?
  7. I get nodded quite a bit...and no, it's not just cuz I'm a chick :p

    I make the point of nodding at a cage if they move over when I split, they all nod back then too...but that's no surprise.

    I didn't think much of it. Just figured they were bikers in their cars for the day :)
  8. Always find a quick left-handed wave is easier, but at least the spirit is there, good to have people watching their rear-view mirrors
  9. Havent nodded at anyone in the drivers seat (have not had them nod at me that i have noticed). I nod at the kids that wave at me from the back of the cage though.
  10. We are awesome. Why wouldn't people want to nod at us?
  11. on the rare occasion that i take the car out i tend to nod to riders, or wave, just out of sheer habbit, some times i dont even realise im doing it till someone points it out to me, lol
  12. i dont usually nod at cagers but i always give the thumbs up when they move over for me to allow me to continue lansplitting.
  13. Same here, and sometimes even found myself nodding when I am walking across a pedestrian crossing and someone rides up and stops at the light . :p I have had some strange looks back doing that :LOL:
  14. I do that too. They're cute and they get really excited.
  15. If I can manage it, I do...if I'm slowly moving between cars and have had to stop before they moved over, I just slowly roll past them, stop, and then nod....hope that makes more sense.

    And yes...Kids...they always make my day when I'm in a bad mood. Their excitement of the 'big scary biker' waving at them always cheers me up :)
  16. I just forget that im in the car, i see a fellow rider and the nod starts happening by itslef. Its uncontrolable :LOL:
  17. I got a nod from an old guy in a shopping centre once. I was carrying all my gear and he nodded as he walked past... I just nodded back assuming he was once a rider.

    I don't nod when i'm driving the cage but on the bike I'll nod to anyone.