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I got a new toy..

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Blue14, Jan 4, 2008.

  1. Have seen them before in the magazines.. Always wondered what it would be like, well i took it for a test ride and i was hooked.. It has 5k on the clock, brembo brakes, braided lines, adjustable suspension, pirelli tyres and whatever else you would expect an italian bike to come with... Even has a remote seat release.. :grin: And at 450cc goes pretty good, only downside i reckon is it could be a bit lighter.. 200kg is only 10kg lighter than the 14.. :shock:



  2. nice... how much was it?
  3. Cool looking scoot mate. :cool:

    Now get the drill out ,or debafel?. :wink:
  4. Picked it for $7k on the rd.. They are an $11.5k bike when new.. This was first reg Dec 06..
  5. Thanks mate.. Hmmm was looking at the baffle before.. :LOL:
  6. Nice Paul and it has cheaper reg :grin:
  8. Yes and insurance too... :grin: Only $250 full comp .. :cool:

    Is it me or the light cause that scooter appears to have a pinkish tinge Laughing

    Nah just another toy for the weekends.. I have a company car so no commuting by bike. And it is awesome to ride, mate its just a big lounge chair on wheels..
  9. duuuude u have too many bikes :p

    clearly u should buy me one too :cool: :grin:
  10. Your ZX14 is now red, isn't it???? :oops:

    Having to share the garage with a scooter - how embarassment!! :wink:
  11. Nah Carol still blue.. Nothing wrong with a scoot, especially one that would give a fair few bikes a run for there money.. :p
  12. that looks... sick :grin:
  13. You crack me up. I really thought a GTR would live in your garage before a maxi scoot.
  14. Nah would have to trade the 14 for that, and that aint happening.. This is awesome, gets to 160 in a flash and still wants to go faster.. :twisted:
  15. but paul... its a scooter man!!!

    nobad.. you said ages ago you were looking for a scooter.. at least you didnt get a 50CC one lol
  16. Yes its a scooter .. :LOL:
  17. I'm just impressed that you have enough free time to get to play with two bikes. I struggle to get out on mine other than the commute. :roll:
  18. Um i actually have 3 bikes.. :cool:
  19. That's not making me feel any better! :shock:
  20. Sorry.. But i will admit when i bought it the wife said, you cant ride them all at once, why do you want it for.. :LOL: