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i got a new ninja 650rl, but can't post it lol

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by steltzer, Jun 4, 2011.

  1. I been reading around on here for a few weeks now, and joined to post a pic of my bike. but i can't seeing as i need a few posts first LOL i will post asap. BTW excellent learner bike, really really enjoying it!

    Pics soon
  2. hehe dont worry, the posts will come :D
    Nice bike though, I do like them, they're quite pretty :D
  3. Nice! I ordered one of these a few weeks ago as my first bike but there seems to be a shortage of them in the country at the moment! Was supposed to be in store and ready for me to pick up yesterday but noooo, it all didn't go to plan :(

    So it looks like Monday or Tuesday before i ride this thing! How is it to ride? Plenty of power despite the restrictions?
  4. I know of a guy who's got a ninja 250 but with a 650cc engine in it lol
  5. Nice bike, I bought one in January and really enjoy it.
    Has an upright riding position and low seat height which makes it comfortable on longer rides for me.
    Being a twin it's a little buzzy up to 3k but smooths out over that.
    The only real negative for me is the unadjustable front end is a bit soft and gets unstable when pushed round bumpy corners.

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  6. Maccarossi, it is great, even with the restrictions. it is good fun. i only have 200 kms on it since friday arvo, and i put my first tank of premium in today, so maybe i am not the best judge of power, but as for the power - holy crap, it will do me. it has ecu and throttle restrictions, so the throttle only goes 1/2 turn, but i don't know any different, and feel great on it. anyone who is a little unsure about road rules, or a bit nervous to the point where they might stuff it up, maybe a slightly less powerful bike would be better, but i think it is great! i got mine from peter steven ringwood vic, and they had only one, and the other one was in adelaide apparently, but they have more coming in july, including the orange colour one.

    thats why i bought it oldarola, i felt i wanted something sporty looking, but something that wont make you feel like you have been beaten up after 1 hr. we (brothers in law) are planning a trip to portland in nov, and ride back the great ocean rd, so i needed something with a more up right position. perfect bike for me. and has ABS! love it.
  7. time to figure out how to post some pics

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  8. a little more

    PS Above: me and my wife purchasing the best bike ever LOL
    and me in the garage finding the brake, i mean gear shifter :-w
    my daughter Hannah wanted to try daddy's helmet LOL

    And Below:
    love that machine
    me pulling into the garage
    and my bro in laws bike, his 3 week old triumph america

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  9. Lol I love the picture of the toddler. Think that helmet might be a bit big for her hehe.
    Mate that bike is a beaut, what an excellent first steed. =D>
    (y) on the color.
    You be extra careful with that ride man, we wouldn't want to see such a nice-looking two-wheeler beaten up to kingdom come. Oh, and nor the rider, of course!
    I look forward to seeing you at the learner practice sessions in St. Kilda.

    Wow that trumpy is a beaut, mate of mine's dad has a black Thruxton 900. Beautiful bikes to look at and listen to.
  10. Just picked up my new ninja 650rl bout 3 hrs ago. Luvn it. Cant wait till break-in period is over to take it on a real run ;)

    Was gonna make my own thread and post pics tomorrow when i can see ... but ill just steal this one :)

    lol, ride safe, James
  11. awesome bike(s), nice pics......

    enjoy and ride safe....
  12. How many klms have you done now?
    This bike is number one on my list as a first bike.
    Anything you've found that you don't like?
  13. it is a fantastic bike! done 1200kms now, got it through the run in, and it feels so tight and ready to do anything i want it to. have had no problems what so ever. i am enjoying this bike so much!!