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I got a MADASS

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by munecito, Aug 24, 2007.

  1. Yeah. The missus decided she didn't want to ride the scooter anymore so she gave it to me.

    As it was a Yamaha Vino 125 and wasn't really a very manly scoot I decided to go and trade it in for an ex demo 125 Madass.

    Changeover and everything went sweet as.

    I don't really think this madass can be called a scooter but it is hardly a motorbike in the pure sense of the word.

    4 gears, air cooled, etc. It goes well and gets to 80kph easy on the flat and it even does 70ph uphill. I gave it a quick try and it reached 100kph but it took a bit from 90 upwards.

    I'm a happy vegemite now.

    Felt sorry leaving the Vino at the dealership. This madass is going to be my backup bike-scooter-thing.

  2. I'd love to get my hands on one for a test ride :cool: I reckon it'd do good service as a commuter/fun bike. There's even a race division for them overseas!
  3. What you need to do is go out in full leathers and throw that thing around like its a ninja, knee dragging, mono's, stoppies. all that rad stuff people think you can't do on a scooter, then just ride away.
  4. We ran into this bloke at a servo outside Canberra, he was taking a 125 MadAss all around the country.

  5. lol ^^ good on him
  6. Something like this?


  7. Ha ha... Excellent - Congrats on your new buy! So can you take it to the local BMX park and play with the other kids? :LOL:
  8. I love these little bikes, one parked out the front of my office the other day. Bloke came down in fill leathers and a black helmet, thought he was going to jump on the the various 1litre machines. looked like he was having fun.
  9. can it wheelie easy?
  10. Mommy doesn't let me play with those mean kids.

    Haven't tried it yet but I don't think it could be so hard to do because it is really light

    It can do burnouts easy enough tho :twisted:

  11. I'm so getting one of these if i can land one for under 2K... how much did it set you back?
  12. I did a straight swap for the vino and got two free services for the maddie

  13. And how!
  14. Hey N*A*M it can wheelie easy. After I went to see Jeff´s bike I went for a ride and tried to wheelie a couple of times and it lifts its nose up really easy. Have to start practicing the control tho.

  15. Looks like it'll give you a soreASS :LOL:
  16. He stopped off at the local bike shop here in Picton, good on him I say!
  17. That stoppie would look painful as there is nowhere for your legs to grab onto. Your nuts would be crushed on the handle bars
  18. Where's the fuel tank?