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i got a hoon bike.

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by JimmyD, Mar 9, 2012.

  1. so i got sick of my old 2001 r6, it just wasnt that fun any more. bit old, bit heavy, bit slow. wasnt that fun on the street as i couldnt throw it around how i liked.

    here's the replacement.







    i ****ing love it. so flickable, brakes great, sounds tough and its stupid easy to back it in. fuel consumption is bloody terrible though, i'm getting about 9.8 l/100km at the moment around town.

    but i am very throttle happy.

    and i had it registered in my name for 3 hrs and this happens.


    and now i'm just about to have a 3 month holiday off the bike.

    its not often that you get your dream bike at age 21!!
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  2. What were you doing? Did it get impounded?

    Nice bike, I looked at a 2006 low km one.
  3. A "Super"hoon bike? ;)
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  4. Ohh man. How much fun r u gonna have on that??!! Really nice mate. Enjoy
  5. Hehe, looks like fun (y)
  6. I rode one of those the other day and hated it, and it's a bike I really wanted to like.

    I still like them, but it's not for me.
  7. Bloody ugly. But looks like a hell of a lot of fun. I hope it got you enough excitement to last three months .
  8. #8 Bamm-Bamm, Mar 10, 2012
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    As good an excuse as any to post this up...


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  9. Wow !

    What a great add !

    I want one now !
  10. Awesome bike. I wouldn't mind having something like this to get around on.

    That damn wrist of yours will always get you in trouble :)

  11. Where abouts are you located? I am always keen to hook up with a fellow hooligan for a ride.
  12. yeah thats it, i can see some people just wouldnt like it at all. i race supermoto so the riding position and throttle response are pretty normal for me.

    [MENTION=25374]RED ZX[/MENTION] im in south east victoria so just a little while away.

    for a roadbike, it actually jumps and lands pretty good.
  13. Yeah a bit of a trek.
    On one of my favourite rides there is a nice crest that when you hit at 170, you get a nice jump that lands in a wheelie. Great fun.
  14. Bahahahaha this made me lol hard... sorry about your licence but congrats on a great looking machine...
  15. 3 hrs and you lost your license. I'm contacting Today Tonight.
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  16. You pulled over for the cops? Why?
  17. apparently speeding. but i couldnt tell, dark tinted visor makes it hard to see at night!

    before i lose my licence i hope to make a cool gopro video of some hooliganism on it, but i crashed my bicycle and ****ed my ankle so i dunno how i will go landing jumps.
  18. Killer bike man! I've been toying with the idea of getting a motard or one of these for a while now. What's the pros and cons vs a motard for "street" use?
  19. Lol it was meant to be. Good luck keeping off it for that period!
  20. Same here...love the bike, but every time I sit on one I wonder how they managed to make it so damn uncomfortable... Just me I guess