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I got a couple of questions about tyres

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by lord nykon, Jun 27, 2006.

  1. Firstly my tyres are both dead
    Back is worn evenly (no chicken strips here :))
    But the front is a little weird it is worn heaps on the right and very little on the left
    The right is totally gorn but my left side has over a month left on it is that normal or is it because of the way I ride

    I rang up the local tyre place and I would have to put them on my self and not having a centre stand that seems a little hard.

    So I rang the place were I brought my bike and they put them on for you

    So I said ok
    But the only tyres they offered me were IRC

    I currently got Dunlop arrowmax on my CBR250R (single r)

    Dose any one know about the IRC tyres are they any good?
    or should I stick with the Dunlop’s?

    I love corners so I kinder prefer soft compound I don’t mind if they were out a little quicker its worth it for the cornering abilities

    So any information would be much appreciated

    The main reason’s I am asking is that the IRC tyres are kinder cheep when compared to the other options so I am wondering about the quality.
  2. My opinion would be when it comes to tyres stick with what you trust. The IRC tyres may be great, but if they're crap you're probably going to want to pull them straight off again (I did with the kingmax *shudder*). In short have not seen the brand before.

    I have just put on Battleaxe BT45's, I really like these and I think they would suit the CBR.
  3. There are so many tire options out there. From the shinko's (soft, and cheap) through to battle axe's 014, 020 etc to pilots powers, road, or diablo, and corsa's. If you don't mind a ride down to ipswich on saturady try giving michael a call on 3818 1208, he knows his tires really well, and has really good prices.
  4. I did some hunting around on bridestone a while ago and found out that the difference between the discontinued BT010's and the BT45's was SFA.... most probably the heat up time. So because the bt010 are standard fitment I talked with motorworks... and with the excessive wear on the 010's is switched to 45's. Once warm their nearly identical... except their a hard tyre cold. I talked with my triumph dealer about the BT014's and the bt020's over the older 45's... and unless I was punching it everyday on hard twisties I wouldnt see the benifit... and the softer compound tyres would cup and wear the middle with me...

    Oh btw... I ride a 600, Commute a bit 2up and 1up and flog the bike on the first saturday of every month. and ive just rolled over 10000 on these bt45's and they have tons of meat still on them.

    look at your riding style, your cc class and then ask lots of questions of your dealers and mates. If you want to "feel" safer on the road go for a softer tyre through the added grip you feel more confident especialy in the wet or snow... yes I said snow.
  5. The uneven wear to the front tyre is normal, and due to the camber of the road.

    Put the tyres on yourself? Or do you mean the wheels? I wouldn't buy tyres off a place that can't fit the wheels/tyres to your bike! Does that mean they can't balance them also?

    You can use a car jack and a plank of wood under the exhaust pipes (take fairing off) to jack the front up, the bike will be resting on the rear tyre and the sidestand. Sounds a bit dodgy, but works really well, just make sure it's done on smooth, flat, solid ground (i.e. concrete driveway).

    Unfortunately you'll need a race stand to take off the rear though.
  6. Unlike those of us with the hitech centrestand approach :)
  7. Hey mate,

    I've got a baby blade and recently upgraded to the Michelin Pilot Powers... they're much softer compound than the Arrowmax and are a lot quicker to warm up than the Arrowmax too so in Winter they're great!!

    I hated the Arrowmax as soon as the weather turned cold... and opted for the softer option coz I still like to go out cornering and can do this on the Pilot Powers :cool:

    They aren't cheap, even for the baby bikes... cost me about $450 from memory :? just ask around coz you'll probably get a much better deal than that!!
  8. oh yeah, the Dunlop GPR70's are a good tyre for the CBR250... just didn't have them in stock when I went to get rid of the Arrowmax's so I went with the highly recommended Pilot Powers and won't look back!!
  9. I don't know about IRC motorbike tyres but they make SH#T bicycle tyres, I would guess it's the same company, same technology.
  10. Well after reading all this i am going to shop around a little more

    How much should i pay for fitting and balancing?

    How can I tell the quality of a tie if I am looking at it?
  11. Most places charge between $50-100 an hour, at the very most might take an hour.

    You can't. Go with what's been recommended in this thread. Arrowmax are good all rounders. Pilot powers and GPR70's are damn sticky tyres, and will be squared off if you do a lot of straightline riding (commuting/highway).

    I'd stick with arrowmaxes, they're well proven as a middle of the road tyre for 250's.
  12. Does anyone know a good place to get tyres in Melb around the Essendon area?
  13. Would it be better to get the tyres from a bike shop or from a tyre place ???
  14. i dont think they make 140 rears on the power pilots but they do make 150s and the cbr rears are 140.
    isnt that bad for bike handling?
  15. Bike dealer, every time!

    - They generally know the products they're selling
    - They ride bikes
    - Their stock will be freshest (old tyres suck!)
  16. I ran the BT45's on the ZZR and they always stuck great, and got good milage in a straight line.

    However the front tends to fray and really get chewed up on the edges when really going fast and leaning hard (on ZZR this means sparking centerstand), they dont seem to like really being thrashed, though they did grip fine.

    Had BT020's on the ZX6, rear grip was pretty bad when braking and accelerating. But the tyre was a bit old and begining to harden. Tyres have a short life even if they have tread left. :( (many beginers 250's have absolutly dead tyres on them, if you can see little cracks its dry)
    I decided to ditch them after a photo posing sesion left the front starting to fray like the BT45's did. No point running harder tyres when I wear the sides out with 50% middle tread.

    Took them off and currently have BT002R's on.
    Wow, heaps more grip. Did a track day on them on the weekend and they were great. Glued down, I didnt realise how used to a bit of sideways slipping I was on the sports/tourers until these didnt do it.
    But too soft for comuting (though milage I get from them is still to be seen)

    Think I will go with BT014's next (try them all out I say :) )
  17. yea i hear the arrowmax's and bt45's for 250's are fairly similar cept the bt45's are a little better in the wet. but i wanna try out the bt45's next, so what is the life span of a tyre other than wear indicators.