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I get my full license tomorrow!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by lukestuart1, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. Hey guys.

    Counting down the hours till i can walk into the RTA and upgrade my license to my blacks (its my 25th tomorrow so off i go)

    Here is the bike i had and the bike ill be on tomorrow :)

    New Pictures on Page 4


    New Pictures on Page 4

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  2. Re: I get my blacks tomorrow

    Very nice congrats mate:).
  3. Very nice Machine.....how long do you expect to keep that black licence riding that bike Luke?:D


  4. Very nice bikes you got there. Have fun.

    I just got my full licence.... for my car - 727 days to go till I get my full motorycle licence
  5. Oh thats so long.
    Enjoy every day of those and get as much practice as possible though
  6. So jealous, I've still got 2 months on restrictions and I'm counting down the days
  7. congrats for tomorrow!
    nice bike!!
    stay safe !!!
  8. You would be stoked, nice bikes mate.
  9. grats mate, awesome ride to step onto tomorrow :)
  10. Congrats :) Enjoy that awesome machine!
  11. Congrats on the license/bike brother! Unfortunately I have about 7 months of restrictions left so very jealous right now :p
  12. mmmmmm...very nice.

  13. Cheers guys.

    Got my blacks today and off i shot.
    Did a nice little trip (around 140km) and WOW, what an amazing bike.

    I started off on power mode C and after a bit moved upto B.
    Plenty of power and easy to maneuver. I can see myself enjoying this bike for many years to come
  14. Congrats mate, time to change your sig now :dance:
  15. Woh ! August 20 for me :D
  16. i know that everyone opinion is different, but i did the same as you. got rid of my first bike asap once of f the restrictions.

    some people cant get rid of their LAMS bike quick enough........but mine was my first (Mbike) love, and i should not have pissed it off. i would rather have kept it, as well as buy the new beast.

    how do you feel about your first bike.....get rid of it never to look back??

  17. I know what you meant, i absolutely loved my GS500F, i think i did around 8000km over 18months and that included a Stay Upright Advanced 1 course (which i highly recommend)
    But, i felt like i was ready for something new and you cant really ride 2 bikes at once so having both at the same time would just be silly.

    I sold my GS500F to a friend, so ill still be able to keep an eye on it (i think this helped)
    I guess my old bike will get a new life as i teach my friend to ride on the bike that treated me so well
  18. Nice new bike! ride safe! How much did you pay for it if you don't mind me asking? (The GSF)
  19. Great feeling to be 'free'! Congrats mate. Start saving for lots of tyres, chains and sprockets if you are going to ride that Gizzer to anywhere near its limits!

  20. Congrats mate. Enjoy the ride...