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I found my Honda Hornbag!!! And it's BEAUTIFUL!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by edgelett, Feb 23, 2006.

  1. The rumors are true – I’ve bought a new bike. A 1998 Honda Hornet 600.
    While I can’t ride it for 12 months due to still being on a restricted licence, this baby is going to be customised to the nines.
    So here are some photos of how it looks now. Over the next 12 months I’ll be in the shed working on my new baby till it is the most amazing streetfighter you’ve ever seen!

  2. Nice bike!!! I just love the look of th 600 hornets!!
  3. Hey edgelett,
    Congrats on the Hornet! You must be so excited!! :grin: :grin:
    Its a gorgeous colour.. I had an SV in almost the same colour...soo pretty!
    You can sit and drool over it for 12 months (I dont know if I could resist the temptation!!!) Congrats :grin: :grin: :)
  4. o your gonna hate the next 12 months (if you last that long without riding it)
    are you willing to tell us some plans?

    are you gonna do similar to the rapid 900 hornet?
  5. honda for life brother

    hornets rule
  6. Noice!

    But you can't be serious when you sau it's gonna sit in the shed for a full 365 days!?
  7. Perfect opportunity to do test rides at Mallala... :grin:
  8. well I did tell my boyfriend that I might need to take it out for the occasional trip so that the tyres don't get flat spots.

    think he'll buy it?

    yep it's a nice colout - but I'm actually going to strip it & re-paint it with a custom job. new paint & some airbrush work.

    plans huh? well...new exhaust of course, I have a new stainless steal radiator grill on the way from germany, new paint, new mirrors, and lots of other "touches" I'll be doing slowly as I can afford them.
  9. it's "sister" actually mate - but yeah hornets do rule!
  10. Congrats Edgelett
    Top lookin scoot
  11. Absolutely sweeeet Edgelett :grin:

    I don't know if I would have the self control to leave it in the shed for 12 months...although you would have to run it occassionaly to keep everything lubed up :LOL:
  12. Sadly that doesn't seem to apply to girls. My gf just doesn't believe me!
  13. Oh Tash, it's even better than you described it :grin: . I can undersatnd you wanting to mod it, but if you leave it exactly like that it's my bike's TWIN!!!

    Keep us up to date with pics of progress, won't you? You just can't believe how much fun you are in for when you get to ride it :wink:
  14. in case everyone's wondering why i'm re-painting it, my BF's a panel beater & he pointed out the tank's had touch up work done to it that hasn't been sealed, letting moisture into the paint & possibly leading to rust later.

    i can't see it but he assures me it's there!!!
  15. How's your bike coming along old friend??
  16. The assessor has submitted his report and the quote to the insurance company, and I hope to hear tomorrow or Monday when repairs will start. I hope it's soon, because it needs a new tyre preparatory to rego inspection, registration and third party insurance and comp insurance!!!! I won't be able to afford petrol before winter after all that! :LOL:
  17. :LOL:
  18. well i've started the first job - fixing this heavy clutch!! it's not releasing properly so today I bought some CRC (in case any of it;s rusted) and some cable lube. tonight I'll get to work.

    Sunday I start job 2 - cleaning those pipes!
  19. Its nice to have a project. There used to be a website called "The Hornets Nest." had lots of hotties on it. I was the proud owner of the first Yellow Hornet in Australia. (1999 model. ) theyre a fantastic 1st bigger bike.( I had a CBX 550 for 10 years before I bought Horny) Mine did everything I wanted it to do beautifully. except lose me a licence for 4 months : ".twas the bikes fault officer, wasnt me " :wink:
  20. The hornet's nest is alive and kicking...


    Lots of great hornbag specific info.