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I found a stolen bike?

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by ariderslife, Jul 6, 2013.

  1. Could not decide if should be in Multimedia Or here,
    ( admins to move if required)

  2. So it did get moved, maybe it was just a coincidence and the same guy happened to park in the same spot forever
  3. miss mangell strikes again
  4. One of those Chinese Magelli's isn't it? It broke & a cost benefit analysis was done, the answer was 'walk away'.
  5. good grief- what a stretch.
    ariderslife you really need to get a life- or a girlfriend- or a hobby or something.
  6. Second give me a breakdown. I don't have 7 minutes to waste watching it.
  7. Can't say my life was enriched by watching that, oh well back to the footy.
  8. i think he has a boyfriend
  9. i skipped through it... regrettable decision, basically he is assuming and concluding that a scooter and some cheap crappy bike are stolen, because they haven't been maintained, and the scooter has been parked in the same spot for awhile.

    pointless video, not worth watching.. idno why i even clicked this thread.
  10. That blue scoot isn't stolen, the owner just likes to park in the same place on Spencer Street every day. The same way you'd park in the same spot in Flinders Lane every day if you could, but you have extra competition for space.
  11. Well you can see at the end of the video the scooter has an abandoned sticker on the front of it, so I agree with ariderslife its probably dumped, its always on the same angle when he goes through past footage, the sach's though maybe, maybe not, My hyosung 250 had damage and a chain that looked about as shagged as that, and that was not stolen because I owned it.

    But he does have a hobby, he likes to ride around VLOG what's the problem with that? I think you should lay off him, and maybe looks at your own lives and think why you have to bag someone else out to make your selfs feel better.
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  12. do you feel better now?
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  13. Thanks for taking one for the team
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  14. Wrong... the Yellow sticker left on by the council was a Public notice that scooter will be removed, all attempts to contact the owner had failed. id seen that scooter every day for over 2 years, some days it was kicked over some days it was 10 foot further then it was the night before. id gone past late at night early + morning, during the day etc. countless times.


    as for everyone else, id rather stand on the side of caution.

    Too many arm chair critics here upset with their own life they wanna poke a stick at someone who is out enjoying his.

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  15. You know how to party bro
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  16. Hehehe, that's funny :)
  17. yeah flat out.
  18. sounds like a great night out cuz, searching for shit to video and revbombing pedestrians.

    riveting, glad you're enjoying yourself thats all that counts:)