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I found a rider on the side of the road it was my brother

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by nightgash, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. My brother had an accident on Saturday on the road from Broadford to Strath Creek. There is a very difficult section thats very steep with 25 km/h recommended hair pins. His brakes were out of adjustment (drum brakes new Royal Enfield) and couldn't slow down for the corner. He came off on a left hander and smashed into a rock face. He got thrown over the handle bars but was relatively unhurt except for a grazed leg. I was riding ahead of him and noticed how difficult the severe down hill corners were even on my duel disc FZR. As soon as you let off the brake to enter the corner the speed would just increase due to the steep downhill decent. I guess a lower gear and back brake would be useful in these circumstances.

    His helmet took a big hit but his head was fine and his IXON Cordura pants were a bit ripped but I hate to think what would have happened if he was wearing jeans. The knee armor in the IXON pants saved his knee as it smashed up against the wall. The left knee on the pants has burn marks where it contacted and ground against the wall. His Sidi boots did a great job with no foot injury's even though his left foot slammed up against the rock wall.

    I just want everyone to know that proper protective gear will help save you from injuries in case of an accident. I'm sure it would have been a hell of a lot worse and would have required an ambulance to attend but my brother other than being a bit sore was able to get up and go home in a car. Just imagine what would have happened if he was wearing an open face helmet? I must say that his KBC although being a cheaper helmet did an excellent job considering the big hit it took on the side and visor. Thumbs up to KBC as it performed excellently.

    The bike a brand new Royal Enfield Delux was only 10 days old and had only 300kms on it. Its very sorry to see but thankfully parts are cheap and they are very easy to work on and repair.




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  2. Nasty stuff. Glad to here he is ok though. Could have been a lot worse by the looks of that rock wall!
  3. Oi...... Glad to hear that your brother wasn't badly injured. Certainly a reminder that ATGATT is the best policy.
  4. Yeah, that's one nasty looking wall to slam into! Glad he's ok. Definitely wouldn't have been a good time to wear an open-face.
  5. Its good to have a brother to take pics of your worst moments in life.

    But on the serious side, that bike looks rooted - can I have it?
  6. rough luck, for you and your bro.
    good that he had adequate gear and luck to be able to walk away.
    ...bad enough finding a downed bike, worse when it is a relative/friend.
  7. Sorry to hear and i seem to be hearing a lot of stories of accidents at the moment (myself included). I always cringe when i see an open face helmet..... now i know why.

    ATGATT does that mean all the gear all the time? Did i get it right? if so i like it :)
  8. honestly i don't c that you need to wear boots, i understand the need for pants/jacket/gloves & helmet, but the boots just don't seem needed, one of my mates got into a pretty serious accident riding on the eastern freeway & he found the jacket & pants/helmet helped alot but his running shoes sustained no dmg
  9. Well considering the left foot peg and gear shifter were bent up and right around he is glad he was wearing boots. Not only did his left leg slam into the rock face the end of his boots has bits of leather taken out where it scraped across the jagged rocks. The hardened plastic around the heel of the boot also took some hits with there being many scratches on them. The shin guards also protected his right shin as he went over the handle bars and smashed the header pipe out of the cyclinder with his right leg. In fact the only injury he sustained was a cut just below the protective padding of the knee and above the shin guard of the boot. Boots offer good ankle support, having his foot caught in between the rock face and bike I would rather be wearing motorcycle boots than runners which would have either flung off or cause my ankle to be twisted around and snapped.
  10. Boots FTW.

    The majority of motorcycle injuries occur on the leg and feet- its obvious.
  11. :facepalm:
  12. Nasty. My best wishes to him.

    Cordura's good stuff isn't it?

  13. Your mate got lucky.

    Guess Deadsy may end up being an appropriate name....
  14. I came off 2 weeks ago. Was wearing normal shoes and work slacks (on my way home from work), Dririder jacket, arai helmet, a* gloves. My jacket, gloves and helmet were totalled in the 20km accident but my work clothes were fine. BY NO MEANS am i now telling myself to not wear my draggins and A* boots everytime i ride. BUT i am telling myself that i was very lucky. As it was i still got a sprained lower back and pelvis.

    Think about the odds of a 200+kgbike + gravity landing on your ankle

    The expression i learnt about an hour ago was ATGATT
  15. Deadsy wasnt the one who posted the comment
    it was Filo01

    honestly if you dont see the issue with boots then maybe you should do some more research perhaps :roll:

    Luke so glad your brother is alright
    you must have had a heart failure when you first come upon him

  16. Yeah I went ahead of him on my bike and was waiting for him at a milk bar at the end of the run. He said he was going to take his time and for me to go ahead and wait for him. Around 10 mins past and a guy drove past and said your friend had an accident up the road. I quickly went back and found him laying on the side of the road in shock...
  17. Thats who i quoted?
  18. Sounds pretty bad, nice to hear he made it out ok.

    So it sounds like it is a resounding YES to boots and pants, I better get some organised ASAP.
  19. I was talking about Dirty Trix's comment

  20. Re: I found a rider on the side of the road it was my brothe

    Geee. I'm really glad your brother is ok and hope he's able to take something positive away from this. Surely the warning signs were there?

    there we go. tricky, twisty downhill road, and sub-par, poorly adjusted brakes. An added variable: unfamiliar bike. You just gotta be careful guys.