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i found a new forum guys :(

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by flexorcist, Apr 11, 2007.

  1. hehehe... so while i've been off work for 2 months.. unlicenced until august, and with a smashed bike until further notice. i've been searching. and i found a forum. it's crap. but the game attached... well i've been addicted.


    yes i'll be back on bike topics one day

  2. god damn that is addictive...
  3. i play alot of Tower defence in Wacraft 3 :wink:
  4. Your avatar is frigging addictive.
  5. We can so go places with that. Be we won't.
  6. Bah - if you don't Booga will :p
  7. 3110 on easy level ...got to the end with 18 lives left! Wooohooo!

    How f'king addictive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. you are so in trouble for posting that link :p
  9. don't make me give you hints!!

    sniper towers are too slow. always play medium so you can post scores lol....

    typhoon towers in the middle.. and look up juggling. my god i'm a nerd
  10. I hate you flexorcist :shock: :p
  11. hehehe so does the mrs. between this and poker i give her no time....

    oh i'm going for 7000 tonight!!!! wooooh... i shall share maps with you hahahaha

    this is a 9000 point maze. you can get 6k with a lot less towers and some strategic juggling!!

  12. i want the last 2hrs of my life back !!! :cry:

    The best i could do is 2000+ on Medium difficulty !
  13. that is bloody addictive, i just couldnt stop playing, so fun :p

  14. Hey, flexo. I was wondering what you've been doing with all your spare time :wink:
  15. I have created a group so when you enter your score, click on group and type in Netrider. I'm crap but this game is addictive.
  16. oh what so i gotta repeat getting great scores?? :cool:
  17. I was actually hoping that you would be up all night competing with each while I toodled off to bed :rofl: :p
  18. 338587 with 1894 points.

    man i suck