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i f'n hate some people

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by roundabout, Jan 27, 2005.

  1. Fact:

    World's most dangerous animal = us
  2. Cowards have 2 pick on something that has absolutely no chance of being able 2 fight back. That way they can feel like their really tuff. Preferably in a group.
  3. Sometimes I cannnot understand the anger and violence in this world. Even if it is to kittens. :? :cry:
  4. some people just dont deserve to live.

  5. mother fcukers
  6. As much as we joke about and muck around as not all of us are avid cat lovers
    No one wishs that type of thing , that is just un human
    maybe bring the youths down to coffee night and we kick them about and ride over them might be a better justice.
  7. I read somewhere that prolific serial killers liked to torture and mame pets/animals. Sick farks!

    This could be the making of our next serial killer :-O
  8. The homicidal traid is cruelty to animals, a tendancy to set fires and late bed wetting. So we need to chat to their mothers and then keep a very close eye on them! :(
  9. i can't stand cats, i think they are the stupidest pet anyone could have, all they do is eat and sleep, lazy things...
    but even i admit that what those idiots did was harsh, they deserve to be beaten over the head with the same stick they beat those cats to death with till they are sorry for what they did, then give them a few extra for good measure
  10. Holy crap! I'm one trait away from being a serial killer... lucky I like animals :LOL: ... :?
  11. Fact - Wankers kill Kittens, so let's be honest, who hasn't killed at least one kitten today and several this week, C-mon most of you are single and you viffer riders have prolly anialated thousands of the furballs.

  12. That sucks!!! :( I can't believe their are people who do that sort of stuff for fun

    Lisa :twisted:
  13. You know that Asian mob justice certainly has it's up sides...... I wouldn't mind being part of that mob :twisted:.

    I don't believe the penalties are harsh enough for these animals that think they can do this sort of thing.

    I did hear a story a few years ago where the RSPCA were looking at animal cruelty laws due to a spate of incidence were ex-boyfriends were calling up their ex-girls and torturing the cats over the phone to them, or leaving messages on their phone of their cat being tortured.

    No offence guys, but it is usually the boys that do these sick things!
  14. sadly... your right, although the fairer sex does seem to be catching up at times. But thankfully they're still the minority. (as proven by the tsunami and SA bushfire support)

    society doesn't need more rules, we need to properly punish those who transgress existing rules. IMHO we wouldn't need half the existing legislation if we enforced basic values. It starts with the parents, and continues when these shitheads become parents... and so on. If only Darwins theory hadn't been legislated out of existance, maybe these turds wouldn't be so protected by our society.

  15. I think they should be allowed to continue torturing cats. And just so they can get some more torturing practice, they should be introduced to some of the cats at Melbourne Zoo.
  16. There's no cat's in my neighbourhood anymore, just lovely, colourfull, sweet sounding birds.
    1000% improvement.
  17. One of the many reasons I hate cats... But still no excuse for the actions of these turds.

    sure, cull feral cats, & maybe even the cats that are allowed to roam around, but do it humanely.