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i f'n hate my pos

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by flexorcist, Dec 13, 2006.

  1. 94 zzr250.

    all of a sudden -

    won't start with fuel set to on, only when set to reserve.
    won't run without choke on to at least 3000rpm. (assuming this is what is making it run hotter than usual).
    idle mixture twisty thing down on the left isn't doing diddly squat.
    every 10 minutes or so throttle decides it doesn't want to happen, revs drop. you can catch them if you give throttle a rather violent flick and hope it holds above 10 grand.

    it's running like it has f*** all fuel, but it's got plenty. any ideas???

  2. I'd be pulling the fuel tap apart and having a look
  3. true.... it does feel like a blockage or something but i think there might be more to it than that... like i hope not but it's really, really bizarre.
  4. the fact that it works on reserve suggests it's the tap or the vacuum line to the tap.
  5. also sounds like your fuel filter may be clogged (which may have been caused by the same crud that clogged your fuel-tap). This would help explain the intermittent times when the bike just doesn't feel like revving etc.
  6. Sheesh, if you hate your bike so much after something so minor I can suggest a few good homes for it. :grin:
  7. dude if you'd seen my bike it's not something minor.......... i've put the thing through f'n hell

    it doesn't "work" on reserve. it does start. i can switch the fuel tap to on after that and it doesnt make any difference.
  8. i had that problem for a couple of weeks on my gpx

    i tried flushing the tank, cleaning it and the fuel filter, filling it again... i tried all sorts of stuff, nothing seemed to solve it but it just went away after a while.
  9. yeah it's had it's moments where its flatspotted for a while really badly but this is much much worse..... but cheers for the advice everyone.. i'll let you know how i go. you don't get a better workshop than the side of geelong road :grin: so i can't go wrong. it's looking even better these days what with it's headlight that sits loosely and fairings that are barely attached.... it may work with electronic equipment but the subtle "kick the damn thing as hard as you can" does not work for bike panel beating.
  10. I thought the smiley face sticker improved its appearance greatly, im offended it didnt get a mention :(
  11. sounds to me like you don't have a clue

    rich mixtures make bikes run cooler, not hotter

    there is no idle mixture twisty thing on the left

    doing anything violently on a vehicle (most particularly a bike) will someday land you in the gutter

    swearing at it will not fix the problem.

    A final thing on the fuel side is a blocked tank breather - does the tank suck if you open the fuel cap after it chokes itself?

    why not methodically check all of the parts, building up to the most time consuming (cleaning the carbs) instead of riding the thing into the ground and then whinging about it.
  12. he eans the thingy that controls how high it revs i think.
  13. that be idle speed, not mixture - and it is only a throttle body stop - has no effect once you twist the throttle.
  14. My POS frustrates me sometimes too mate.
    But you cant let it get to you.
    When you get faced with a problem, its just presents you with a great chance to learn new stuff. Or chuck it out and get a new one.

    Now I'm no mechanic, but based on what little engine knowledge I have it does sound like you have some sort of fuel supply problem.

    I would suggest work from the top down.
    - tank (including the breathing bit mentioned)
    - quality of fuel in the tank (empty it and give it a rinse out)
    - is fuel getting from the tank to the fuel tap OK? (This is the problem I had with mine)
    - fuel tap (might be stuffed)
    - fuel lines (might be clogged up with crap)
    - and finally carbies.

    And swearing can fix some problems. Maybe not this one but some.
  15. after 5 weeks off the problem has improved but not quite gone. having said that i didn't really look at it either. my motivation levels are equal to that of a smacked out sloth.

    And es, smily is officially washed off. I've had a pile of barcoded stickers, (oh yes they scan, I sent a whole delivery out once with stickers that came up on registers as Go F urself. didn't go so well)..... sitting in my room to attack you back but I never got around to it. Do you have a shiny new toy I can harrass yet??
  16. im on a blue zzr, im sure youll see me around :p
  17. SO IT WAS YOU THAT STOLE MY REG AND PLATE.... wanna swap ZZRs mines a bit crap. lol
  18. nah the same guy who stole my gpx stole your reg... so keep an eye out for a gpx with reg FA 479 ;)

    Has you bike gone back to normal now or is it still pretty much off the road?
  19. it was going ok, just dieing for a bit here and there.... took it for a ride tonight... well attempted to. went fine for half an hour. then turning right towars the boulevard it decided to die sitting at the lights. took at least 7-8 minutes to start her. then ran fine to ivanhoe, swinging round to darebin road it died. that's where the first bike flew past. then it got me just past grange road and died. started clicking like no battery. thought must be going flat. started walking. thought f' this. tried again. turned over first go, (on prime). then died 100metres. so i walked her down to heidelberg road. rode silently down the footpath. then nearly died coming up my street. so yeah be off the road for a bit i think. i don't have time atm to have a look and as i'm going o/s in march can't really afford to get her fixed just yet incase it's expensive, (i know it's prob jus tap or fuel line etc tc but i cant afford the risk as some holiday money has just gone towards lawyers and my license and doctors bills etc)

    anyways... in creole, mabezou pele couyon to the bike... or if i tidy it up to frog: je veux frapper mon dieu vraiment moto si fort.
  20. i found on number 1 sons zzr that the rubber seal around the filler cap didnt, so when it raind water seeped in, same problem. cant burn water, drained the tank and fuel system so far so good