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I fkn hate that sound

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Cowboy1600, May 27, 2005.

  1. I forgot how horrid the sound of bikes scraping on the ground is.

    Yep. the blade hit the deck. Bout 20kph into a right hand bend just brushed the brakes. Wet road plus those dumb ass rumble strips they put equals me and bike on the deck.

    :evil: :evil: :evil:


    Not too much damage. Purely cosmetic to the bike, a broken finger and ouchy ribs for me.
  2. Bugger...probably throw in a little surface oil as well. And yer that sound isn't real comforting.

    Guess you aren't fit for riding this weekend then. :cry:

    Another battered blade. :cry:
  3. Mmmm....see how i go....ribs are a bit sore....and if its wet theres no point.
  4. hrrmmmm..... i tried to post a nice sympathetic little reply, but it got knocked back cos i apparently have an 'invalid e-mail address' :?:

    so now i'm full of spite and malice and i hope it hurt and i hope you do it again, today, and then get run over, by a 4wd, with eddie maguire driving it, while listening to the collingwood anthem, and thats the last thing you hear..... mwahahahahahahahahhahahahaha :twisted: ooooh it feels good to get that out of my system :LOL:

    nar, tuff luck mate, good luck buffing out the scratches and nursing the fingee :wink:
  5. bad luck mate, you can be so careful and stuff like this happens out of the blue, with not much you can learn from it!

    anyway, hope you and the bike is back on the road soon.
  6. Hi Cowboy1600,
    Good to hear that your bitumen excursion did not leave to much damage,
    Fingers heal ok,
    bruised ribs are a little slower and cause a lot more pain,
    mine was via a slippery road and steel guard rail. (on a 250)
    At least you can say that you damaged your Blade yourself,
    I had mine backed into last year by a 4x4, Is only bright Yellow.

    Hope you heal fast, and get out there soon.
  7. Well that sucks. Sorry to hear it but at least you came out if it fairly ok.
  8. Ouchie!

    Hope you both heal quick :)
  9. Soz I didn't explain to well, but thanks for the thought,
    The little guard rail excersion was a while ago now,
    I have healed, but still remember the fun of the bruised ribs.
  10. Hey Cowboy,

    Sorry to hear about the off. Hope you heal quickly and the bike isnt too hard to fix up.

  11. owch the finger must realy hurt..... sorry to hear of your off... I hope you will recover real quick... As for the bike ... Perhaps I can help...
  12. sorry to hear cowboy , Glad you only have minor injurys .
    which finger ? :LOL:

    take care , you need a hand just yell
  13. oh dear oh dear
  14. Sorry to hear mate. I hope you heal quickly.

    :D :D
  15. Speedy recovery to both you and the bike