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I finally got my ride!

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by roadrash0690, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. Hi Guys n gals, I finally got my bike..... A Honda VT250c... 2001 model, 43500km on the clock... I love this bike, it handles so much more different to the old XL 250 I used to burn around with on the cane farms where I used to live...

    I am having a small problem though... She starts well, she will idle for a short time and then die... If I keep a few revs (just above idle) there are no probs but if I dont, she dies on me as I am slowly going down through the gears for traffic lights, stop signs etc... I am not mechanically minded but I have been told to switch to premium fuel which may dissolve any gunky buildup, to check the air cleaner element in case it is overdue for a new one and may be restricting her breathing, I know for sure from the previous owner (she is family and has been very helpful) that the bike is due for new spark plugs and ignition leads... Which may explain the 'sluggish' acceleration response if spark is breaking down.

    For what I paid though, I am very happy, it is just something I find annoying when coming to a stop for the bike to jsut die. Makes trying to apply basic roadcraft principles and watching everyone else a bit tedious when I am trying to make sure that she doesnt die on me as I am rolling to a stop... Should I jsut put her in for a service and tell the people at the workshop what is going on and go from there? I am a pensioner so money is a large factor but I am happy to get whatever servicing done so my baby is in good working order. I jsut cant wait till she is running a bit more smoothly!

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  2. Cool bike mate. Enjoy!
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  3. I always liked the look of these for a cruiser.

    Nice choice.

    As far as the idle issue goes I'd just get it into a mechanic, it's always good to get a mechanic to look over a bike/car when you get it anyway just to be sure there's nothing big wrong with it that might bight you later on. :)
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