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I finally got my P's!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Spud Gun, May 31, 2005.

  1. On Friday at Clyde, I passed my P's test. My own bike was in the shop getting the carbs cleared and balanced, so I did it on a hire bike, a CB250 which was like a bloody pocket bike with my arse on it. Its a surprisingly heavy bike to steer for a 250. Anyway, it was a bit nerve racking, especially the "If you cross this line and you will be anhialated" type speech before hand. I did the test with a handful of others, and I was amazed at the number of kids who had every intention of buying a CBR600RR or GSX600R as soon as they got their P's. One of those guys failed the test, which to most others would be a sign not to purchase a stupidly fast bike as soon as you get your P's. But then again, I don't think common sense comes into that equation. I will review my own bike situation once I am off my P's.

  2. Good on ya Spuddy. Congrats on a job well done. And on a CB250 at that! You should get a medal as well.

    I'm going for mine on Saturday (quietly confident), so we should organise a "P" plate ride soon, eh?
  3. Good luck for Saturday Pete. You'll walk it (not literally). The P outing sounds good. I could do with clocking up a few more K's on the bike.
  4. Congrats mate, so does this mean you are only allowing P riders on this outing or what?

    BTW don't you have to get a full licence before getting an unrestricted bike?
  5. Congratulations Spud Gun

    :) :) :) :)
  6. Cheers guys! Orcus, yes you need to be off your P's to get an unrestricted bike. That doesn't seem to bother some people. Maybe I'm just an over cautious fart, but I couldn't ride a bike that I wasn't insured on.
  7. well done pete! we should organise a Ps ride sometime. not exclusively Ps though, that would be mean :p i passed mine on a my cb250 in january this year. i wasn't too fazied by the instant fail bits. i think the one guy that was failed on the second part of the test. moral of the story is be positive and confident and it should work out ok!
    good luck orcus. it'll be a cinch!
  8. I remember when I did my P's, I was the second youngest there (at 25). Then there was this kid all of 17-18 years old. The other 4-5 riders were all 30's/40's.

    Anyway, we're sitting around chatting, going around the room saying why you ride. Everyone's got the same sort of stories (except for the bloke who wants to be a posite). Then the kid comes up with the classic "Because it makes you look tough".

    Entire room broke out laughing.
  9. Christ you young blokes, when i was your age there was no such thing as p's. and all this gloating about it. did you all gloat bout yer first sexual incounter as well.

    Yep you got your PROVISIONAL licence. hope you use it wisely.

    Anyway, well done mate, hope the P's are a fleeting period, ride safe.